Core and Feature Requests


I mainly use Retroarch on my CRT TV to get the most authentic feel out of it, so I´d like to enjoy the latest Stella version on it since some most demanding homebrew games for Atari are only working on that version. Might even donate some Money via PayPal for anyone willing to port it to Libretro.


That’s awesome to hear and I don’t mind waiting. Also thank you for the surprisingly quick response.


Hi everyone!! @guicrith Is there any chance of having a commodore Amiga emulator on 3ds? It was a great computer with a amazing catalogue, thank you!


@danielgardino that would be great! To create a bounty for someone to update stella-libretro:

  1. Go to the stella-libretro github tracker:
  2. Find the Issues tab. Create a new Issue requesting the update.
  3. Copy the URL for your new issue to your clipboard
  4. Go to and past your Issue URL into the box labelled Post: Paste any URL to post a bounty.


I don’t know if its considered a bounty but can anybody compile the latest mame 0.195 for android in a way to change its properties??..basically on android for the newly introduced handheld games, they play on mame195…the problem is that in the options it needs to be set to boot2bios…that poses an issue when trying to boot up mess systems…so it be kool fo have a regular mame195 for arcade and mess systems and also have another mame195 maybe with the name bios added to it so we know it’s meant for boot2bios…a while back it was done with mame174…I still have the original mame174 and the updated mame2016 …both are exactly the same but with separate properties so different settings on each would not cause conflict…or if an easy to follow guide can be provided so I can learn on my own…I’ve read a few things about compiling on here but hard to follow as I never tried it b4


I would like to suggest a GCW-Zero core addition for all platforms if possible. The GCW-Zero is an open source (both hardware and software AFAIK) handheld and successor to Dingoo. It has a decent library of games and I think it would be a great addition to Retroarch. The games are distributed as .opk files, most have their source code available and only a few I’ve seen do not. These games are usually just programmed in C and use SDL.

I have suggested porting individual games to Retroarch in the past and put $5 towards a Solarus Engine port, but for me the ultimate culmination of these ideas is a GCW-Zero core that emulates the games. I’d be happy to consider Bountysource for this suggestion.


I don’t think there is a GVW-Zero emulator.


Link Cable Support with mGBA or VBA GBA Cores


I suppose that would be the obstacle although in theory it wouldn’t be too tricky to create one. The community of Dingoonity have made a start by emulating the MIPS architecture with QEMU, though I don’t know of a formal self-contained emulator that just runs:

I wonder if I should throw this idea at the broader emulation community? Hmm…


BasiliskII emulator for apple.

However a relevant feature would be a second framebuffer.


I would like to ask to add 320x240 resolution to the dreamcast cores. Yes I know the real dreamcast didn’t support that rez. It is desired so 2D games can look better with scaler shaders. At 480p and up, the scaler shaders captures the jaggies and it doesnt look good. the 240p resolution would allow the scaler shaders to smooth out the rough edges and jaggies as intended.

Can delete thread for this if you want. Didn’t see this thread before I made it.


Dreamcast did support that resolution. Quite a few games will run in 240p if you boot them while holding down a specific button combo.


I think Bangai-O uses 240p. The graphics definitely look like they’re drawn at that res. I remember that game freaking out if you tried to trick it into working with a VGA adapter.


I wish there was a simple way for us to create game hotkeys within retroarch… For example, let us assign a button for X+Y on the retropad.


See how soon you can add this as a core. I have been looking forever for one of these and I know because it’s base is MAME. It will run in the library


Supermodel? /s…


It would be so cool if there was a way to circumvent the N64 controller layout on Mupen64Plus to where you don’t have to hold down the right trigger to get the A, B, X, Y buttons to act like the C buttons and be able to completely customize the controls. I’d like to be able to assign the face buttons to be the C buttons and the right and left bumper to be A and B.


You should be able to do that with the new remapping in v1.7.2




Requesting book mode for the desmume core, I can’t play Rhythm Heaven like this.