Core and Feature Requests


You can rotate the screen in the video options


Yes, but the normal rotation doesn’t correct the mouse inputs to the rotation angle, making it unplayable.


Therefore you have the core options to rotate the input


Oh, I guess I never noticed this option or maybe it’s new?

Thanks, isn’t a very intuitive way to do it but it works.


I had the same issue. :wink: This is why bearoso added this option. Thanks to him rotated games are now playable.

Feature 1: Feature 2:


Holy crap, you’ve been crazy busy.

I was returning to the forums and the GitHub to see if there was any way to emulate Mac68k with RetroArch yet. I’m glad to see it hasn’t been forgotten. Thanks for everything. Please let me know when I can play ShadowKeep and Pathways Into Darkness again!!


Saw this, and it make a nice core:


CXBX Reloaded Meanwhile the progress is great and compatibility gets better and better


I’m pretty sure that the HLE renderer’s D3D8 requirement is a big no-no.


Would love a Core that could play Neo Geo CD Games


I believe FBA can do it now:


But this renderer will also be exchanged, dx8 is outdated. The lle renderer is interessting nonetheless.


Yes. It works on the Stand Alone Emulator.

As said there that is not in the Core for Retroarch.

NeoRaine is a Good One but I been having Problem with it that Sounds/Music does not Work


No, it was just added to the libretro core via the subsystem loading, I think. That’s what the post I linked is about.


Yeah, the LLE renderer is apparently OpenGL 3.3, so that would be more realistic.


Not sure if this is where I post feature requests, but maybe the FBA cores can have a turbo toggle? I know there is a hotkey to hold that and then a button, but there isn’t a comfortable set up I found for that.


I wanted to post here and inquire about the possibility of something like this before I create a bounty thread or anything. Seeing as how Bizhawk has the “Real Time Corrupter” and Bizhawk also functions using libretro cores, I wanted to ask if it would ever be possible to implement something similar to Retroarch?


It’s possible, but I think that’s probably something that’s better left to Bizhawk. That is, I can’t imagine it being easy to use via our gamepad-driven interfaces.


That is true you make a good point!

I love the RTC and I love Retroarch and wish I never had to use any other emulator so I still think it would still be worth it :grin: but I get why it would be difficult and why not everybody would feel the same way. Maybe I’ll still put up a bounty some day in the future but not for a while


I’d like to request the citra standalone option with the citra core. But only the top screen with sbs 3D with the bottom non-3d. It would look like this:

[     ][     ]   |   [     ][     ]
    [     ]      |       [     ]

That way the top screen I can view in 3D with my 3D headset and the bottom screen can go on my touch tablet touch screen.