Core and Feature Requests


That request would best be lodged with jselby at the citra-libretro repo, since I don’t think he comes here and is the only one likely to be able to accommodate that:


“It’s possible, but I think that’s probably something that’s better left to Bizhawk. That is, I can’t imagine it being easy to use via our gamepad-driven interfaces.”

you need to add --subsystem neocd to the command line

How do I do that again?

And the bios files go in system > fbalpha > right?


For arcade cores, the BIOS typically goes alongside the ROMs, as they treat them like parent ROMs.


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I think adding Cores for Sharp X1 and Phillips CDi would be pretty cool. I mean there are technical ways of playing games without specified cores but not without complex effort. I mean the Zelda CDi games weren’t great but they are sought after and go for a pretty penny online. As for Sharp X1, that long lost third Donkey Kong Game (The Great Counterattack) was found and ripped awhile ago and only playable on X1. I dunno, Retroarch is already so inclusive, it’s hard to make decent suggestions. Great work either way guys <3


There are a pseudo CDI core, in the Mess core. But i cant get to work myself. I agree, a “easy to use” Cdi core would be great.


There’s a good guide here on how to use the MAME core to play CD-i games.


Cdi and x1 both work great on retroarch android…that being said it must be better on the pc…dont know about the PC but for android it’s a pain because rom names MUST match softlist names , so yea I had a ton of renaming to do plus my artwork for hyperspin…definitely doable but with alittle effort


I can get Donkey Kong III: The Great Counterattck running on X Millennium fine but it instantly crashed on Retroarch. Which core are you using?


Sadly I get immediate crashing. I have followed that little list to the letter, have all the necessary CHDs (and bin+cue) and bios files, made all the core option changes and it still crashes :frowning: I appreciate the post though. I did actually redo everything from your post in case I screwed something up earlier when trying to get it working and came up empty handed :frowning:


MAME (The one without the year), using this to start it with:

x1 -flop1 "/Games/Romz/Sharp/x1/Donkey Kong 3 Dai"


Nice! Does that require any special bios files or settings changed or it just runs?


Here’s a guide for nonarcade systems like CD-i, X1, Neo Geo CD, etc using MAME and MESS. Example at the very bottom for X1.



Is there a way to know which core version I downloaded?


go to ‘load core’ and then look in the bottom-left corner of the screen. It’ll tell you the core version.


Thanks a lot, I thought that was retroarch’s last version, thank you also for the quick response.


Or alternatively you can load the core of choice, then go down to information and finally go on core information.


Is it possible to add a remember position feature for ffmpeg core? I use it in Kodi and it’s basically the only thing I miss for it.

Out of curiosity, why the ffmpeg core is listed under Core Updater option since it’s integrated in Retroarch.exe?


This worked very well. It took some trial and error but i’ve got most everything working. Thank you!


Hi, just a porposal…

It’s possible to add Vic II “No Borders” option in “vice_libretro” core ?