Core and Feature Requests


An option to set the mouse speed in the scummvm core would be handy! Right now, the core is pretty much unusable, if you want to use a real mouse instead of a gamepad.


Feature Request - “pad to largest resolution” and “automatically switch to game’s native resolutions”


PCSX ReArmed and Beetle PSX stretch all resolutions to 320x240, but PSX games ran in a variety of resolutions. Whenever a PSX game switches resolutions to something other than 320x240, you get scaling artifacts even with integer scaling enabled.


there are two ways to address this- we can automatically detect and switch resolutions to the game’s native resolution whenever a switch occurs, OR we can pad each resolution to the largest resolution that the game uses. Both of these options would cause the aspect ratio to change during gameplay, but scaling artifacts would be completely eliminated at all times.

Using the example of FFVII on the PSX:

on overworld screens and some minigames, the resolution switches to 320x224. On menu screens the resolution switches to 364x240.

If we “pad to largest resolution,” we have a couple options. Assuming a user-selected integer scale of 5x5 and a custom aspect ratio of 1600x1200, 364x240 would become 1456x960, with black bars on the sides and top/bottom: (72 + 1456 + 72)x(120 + 960 + 120).

OR, if the custom aspect ratio is set to 1820x1200, then 320x240 becomes (110 + 1600 + 110)x1200 and 364x240 becomes 1820x1200. So every resolution winds up fitting within the largest resolution at 5x5 integer.

With “automatically switch resolution to game’s detected native resolution,” you would simply take the game’s currently detected native resolution and then scale it up by the user-selected integer scale factor. Returning the to example of FFVII, if we assume a user-selected integer scale factor of 5x5, we would get the following resolutions:

1600x1200 during normal gameplay (320x240) 1820x1200 on menu screens (364x240) 1600x1120 on the overworld screen and certain minigames (320x224)

It would be nice to have both options available: “pad to largest resolution” and “automatically switch to game’s current native resolution,” so that the user had more control over the output, allowing them to choose between taking up more of the display area or stretching the image less. Both options would result in pixel-perfect video output at all times.


if it’s not on the docket yet, I’d like to see native Libretro save folder support and per-game Save creation similar to what’s in the Mednafen PS1 core added to Reicast.


The Saturn core of Mednafen (Beetle Saturn) has not been updated for a long time, it is in version 0.9.48 and they go for the 1.21.3, with many improvements for Saturn. There are plans to update it or to improve the internal resolution as in the PSX HW core?

There is some post that was commented, but it is already very old, the same as with the core of PCE, which uses the fast but not the accurate, which works better and without errors in games like Popful Mail and some more. I understand not to repeat cores, but in Bsnes we have different profiles and in PCE we could have both also for better precision.


is anyone aware of any effort to port AGS to libretro?


What happened to the supermodel port? : )

Also, +1 to atsumori-neo’s request of using per-game saves on reicast and ToniBC’s regarding Beetle Saturn.


It’s still coming. Some things have come up since the announcement, obviously (Twinaphex shouldn’t have given a timeline; that just sets up missed expectations), but he said he’s hoping to tackle it soon.

In the meantime, they’ve done an awful lot of awesome work upstream, so having the renderer more complete from the outset should make things easier in the long-run.


Sounds great, thanks hunter! It’s a beautiful emulator and it would be at home in RA.


hunterk, do you know if a Sega Model 2 core was ever discussed, or was never at the table?


AFAIK, as much as everyone would love a port of Nebula, it’s closed source and ElSemi is working for Sega. Someone should start from scratch for a core to happen. It has happened before (Mednafen Saturn was an outstanding surprise), but I’d keep my expectations low on Model 2.


NEVERRRRRR! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Jokes aside, thanks for that bit of info Squalo.


are you planning to release a core for ps2? :smiley:


Hopefully someday, but there’s nothing in the works right now.


I’ve been reading the posts on their forum that detail how they isolated issues with rendering and how they fixed them. It’s been super interesting!


A VNC client core would be nice to see. This could have some interesting applications. For example, qemu has VNC support so you could use a vnc core to connect to various qemu executables to play computer games that might not have a core available yet. Or offload some work to other systems and access through retroarch or something like that. Thoughts???


Would it be possible to have retroarch read the monitor color profile?

As a wide gamut monitor owner, i would really appreciate it. I’ve been using reshade but that’s starting to get old.

Thanks for all your hard work :mage:


I hope I’m in the correct forum, but willet we ever get a port of “xroar” to retroarch? It’s a dragon/coco emulator for PC.

I have it working alongside Launch box, but the vast majority of my emulators are cores from retroarch. Could someone shed some light as to whether or not this could be ported?



HELP GUYS! I have tried on 3 3DS’s (my 2 and a friends) and keep getting the same error “nothing to display” or on update cores it will say downloading index and just stay on that screen for days until I turn it off. I have put the correct url in the cfg file and cant get anything to work. Its not my internet because retroarch on my PC and switch work perfect. I really need cores but getting cheats would be awesome too. Any help would be awesome!


Analog Trigger Support for Dolphin core would be great



  • Is there any chance to add Nuked OPL emulation in Picodrive?
  • Is there any chance to add 32x emulation for Genesis Plus GX only for Windows/Mac/Linux?