Core and Feature Requests


Unfortunately, almost certainly no for both. Picodrive is focused on performance, and Nuked is very demanding.

Eke has said he’s not interested in adding 32x to genplusgx


Any thoughts on CXBX-Reloaded (Xbox Emulator) getting a core? Obviously it’s crazy early for that emulator, but anything to push it more into the scene’s spotlight can only be a good thing for it’s progress. (Open Source, if i’m not mistaken)

Also, Gamecube BIOS bootup support on Dolphin would be supreme.


Any plans to add Sony ZN-1/ZN-2 emulation in the Beetle PSX/Beettle PSX HW core? It’s a fantastic candidate for that.



It’s something we would like to do, yes, and we’ve discussed it, but nothing has been done so far.


How about a Quake 2 Vulkan Render Core?


Although Ekeeke is not interessted in adding 32x, anyone else can add 32x to the emulator. I had a discussion with him years ago during the wii homebrew golden times, and he clearly said he will not add 32x, but if someone else would like to add it, he can do it and eke could support.


Has anyone set up a bounty for this yet? I’d throw a couple bucks at that one. If Gens had 32X support, I’d never have to use PicoDrive again and could CHD all 6 of my 32X CD games lol


A BlastEm! core would be great!