Core and Feature Requests


Unfortunately, almost certainly no for both. Picodrive is focused on performance, and Nuked is very demanding.

Eke has said he’s not interested in adding 32x to genplusgx


Any thoughts on CXBX-Reloaded (Xbox Emulator) getting a core? Obviously it’s crazy early for that emulator, but anything to push it more into the scene’s spotlight can only be a good thing for it’s progress. (Open Source, if i’m not mistaken)

Also, Gamecube BIOS bootup support on Dolphin would be supreme.


Any plans to add Sony ZN-1/ZN-2 emulation in the Beetle PSX/Beettle PSX HW core? It’s a fantastic candidate for that.



It’s something we would like to do, yes, and we’ve discussed it, but nothing has been done so far.


How about a Quake 2 Vulkan Render Core?


Although Ekeeke is not interessted in adding 32x, anyone else can add 32x to the emulator. I had a discussion with him years ago during the wii homebrew golden times, and he clearly said he will not add 32x, but if someone else would like to add it, he can do it and eke could support.


Has anyone set up a bounty for this yet? I’d throw a couple bucks at that one. If Gens had 32X support, I’d never have to use PicoDrive again and could CHD all 6 of my 32X CD games lol


A BlastEm! core would be great!


Please, a core of Raine, is an open source emulator similar to mame with the best emulation of Neo Geo CD, with the ability to accelerate the infamous load screens of that console. Allowing you to experience the high quality soundtrack of neo geo cd without the cons.


Any plans for the melonDS core? There have been quite a few updates recently.


FBA has just added that recently, Neo-Geo CD and fast loading.


It was just rebased a couple of days ago. I’m not sure if it’s available everywhere yet, though, as I think there was some testing that needed doing first.


Thanks, i tried FBA with NG CD but for some reason retroarch crash after the disc image, so I could not tried that option.


Hello, I should ask you a question. Thanks in advance for something like RetroArch, something like that was missing here. And my question: You are planning to add support for PS2 games to RetroArch. Add PS2 core? Somewhere on the Internet I read about the PS2 functional core but I do not think the PS2 port. Thank you


Not sure if this is even the place for this, but mGBA is really lagging behind. I think the code on GitHub is more up to date than the currently released version, but it’s not compiled.

What I’m asking basically is to compile and release a new version for the mGBA core. No code changes, just make what’s in GitHub the actual current core.


Did you load it through the subsystem in the gui or from a frontend/launcher? I know personally, I’m using RocketLauncher and the RA module doesn’t yet send the correct command line to launch the NGCD subsystem of FBA. I made a post about it in the RL module thread on their forums, hopefully someone picks it up or can tell us how to add that into the module.


would it be possible to add snes9x version 1.54? it worked differently with Satellaview’s roms

Even an Acorn archimedes emulator would be welcome (with Mess it works pretty badly)


Nope, i using the “load Neo geo cd” option on the quick menu


A way to control sfx and music volume for 8 and 16 bit systems, if possible, would be amazing.


Will a Nintendo Switch core be added to Retroarch? Are there some plans about that?