Core options per content directory possible?

So I was wondering being that you are able to save a shader preset per content directory, can we do for core options too?

For example Genesis Plus GX needs borders to be set to full when playing Sega Master System I think where areas Genesis does not.

So I’d like to be able to set turn on borders in core options when RA uses a rom from my “Sega Mater System” folder but revert to no borders when it uses a rom from my “Sega Genesis” folder.

Can we do this?

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for the master system you could use SMS Plus GX that iirc is genesis plus gx core with just a different name.

I didn’t even know they split SMS off from GX.

I’ll take a look. Thanks for the reply.

 I came here to figure out the same thing. I'm trying like crazy to figure out Content Directory Overrides. I read [the documentation](, and it made sense; but it doesn't seem to be saving the way it's supposed to. If I understand this correctly, in the retroarch config directory (specified under  *settings*  > *directory*), there should be a folder named after the core, and within, there should be a file named <coren ame>.opt. This should hold the overrides for that core, including the directory overrides. Right?

Well, I found the file, but my Content Directory Overrides don't seem to be appearing in that file when I save/create an over-ride.

Ultimately, what I'm trying to accomplish is to have SameBoy emulate the OG GameBoy for GB Games that were  **not**  Super GameBoy enhanced, Emulate Super GameBoy for the GB games that were enhanced for SGB, and emulate Game Boy Color for GBC games. So I put the three types of games in different rom directories, and I'm trying to create a Contend Directory Override for each of them. Just doesn't seem to be taking. Any idea why?

Opt files are for core options, not config overrides.

There are no content-directory core options, AFAIK.

So what does the content-directory override save?

Overrides are for RetroArch settings, like aspect ratio, runahead frames, etc.