Request for a better config/override system

The changelog of version 1.9.1 says:

CONFIG: Add support for saving per-directory core options and deleting core option overrides CORE OPTIONS: Add per-folder core options

But there are some things which bother me about the config/override system. Here are my wishes:

First: Rework the “per-folder” or “content directoy” option for more flexibility
The per-folder/content-directory option in its current state doesn’t allow subfolders. So If you for example want to save core options for your PS1-rom-folder it only works if all rom files are directly placed in this folder (e.g. /ps1/game.bin,.cue,.m3u,.srm,…). However for better organisation lots of people have subfolders of their roms (e.g. /ps1/game/.bin,.cue,.m3u,.srm,…). For these people this option makes no sense since it has the exact same effect like “save game options”. What we really need for the content directory option is the opportunity to set the directory by ourself, so that we can also set parent folders as content directories.

Second: Add override options for core settings
Currently there are just override options for retroarch settings, but not for core settings. Why not? It makes perfect sense to do this for core settings aswell. If you have many game config files and later you notice that there is an option which you want to change for ALL games, like maybe increasing internal resolution or enabling a dynamic recompiler, then - without the override option - you would have to open all these game config files to change this setting, which is very uncomfy. The override option would allow to set options which affect all games, no matter if they have game config files or not.

Threads which I found while writing this and which match my request in atleast one point:

(there are probably more)

Since there are already similar options available it shouldn’t be too hard to implement this, should it? I would be very grateful if someone could do this.

Kind regards

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