Any way to set a per-directory core .opt file?

On PS1 I’ve got basically 2 types of games:

  • Polygonal games that look good in HD

  • Sprite-based games that look good in SD with bilinear filtering on.

If I split them into folders I can set folder overrides for some config settings, but not the core .opt file.

Is there some way to do this with the core opt file, or do I have to create individual opt files?

Yep, I suppose this is a common thing (for me too), mostly for PCSX ReARMed. For Beetle PSX you could use the HW (for 3D) and non HW (for 2D) cores separately.

Unfortunately there are no ‘per content directory core options’ mode in Retroarch right now. You will need per-game .opt files.

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