Cores missing after web attack on libretro builbot server

Hi. After reinstalling retroarch on my freshly restored pc and putting my files back there, I notice the lack of some cores in cores installer that I had saved. I have it on my pc and want to give it to libretro for the new server. have you a contact where i can send my files ? these cores are : amstrad CPC (Caprice32), Arcade (FB Alpha 2012 Neogeo), Handled Electronic (GW) and Nintendo Gamecube/Wii (Dolphin). Thanks


Hi! I have a problem finding Handheld Electronic (GW) Core for the latest version of RetroArch 1.9.0., When I try to do the core download it is not on the menu at all! Is it possible to send me link for Handheld Electronic(GW) for download, cause I need it for Nintendo Game & Watch games in my HS. Thanks in advance!

Wondering why you are using fbalpha2012_neogeo on a PC ?

Imho, that would be nice if those cores stayed unavailable for download on PC, i’ve always seen them as only good at confusing people into thinking “oh, that’s probably what i’m supposed to use to play neogeo”, while they just provide inferior emulation for devices that are lacking too much on performance and ram (namely, nintendo wii).

hi. what core you use for neo geo ?

Hi! There is my gw core.

Just put it in your cores folder in retroarch.

So i suppose my guess was right, a bit of history :

  • FinalBurn is an arcade emulator first released in 2000
  • FBAlpha (FinalBurn Alpha) is the follow-up of that emulator, first released in 2002 iirc
  • FBAlpha2012 is a 8 years old fork of that emulator, meaning it doesn’t benefit from last 8 years of improvements
  • FBAlpha2012_neogeo (also FBAlpha2012_cps1 and FBAlpha2012_cps2) are split versions of that emulator, basically they are the same emulator where instead of emulating hundreds of different arcade system, you emulate only one so that you save memory on systems with heavy memory constraints (ex. nintendo wii)
  • FBAlpha became FBNeo last year (see

So personally i’m using FBNeo (i’m also one of its developper). You could also use MAME.

Thanks !! I already use fbneo for arcade games. I go associate my neo geo games with it.

Neo geo games associated and now i have access to achievements !! Thanks you BarbuDreadMon !

Hello my friend, would you mind sending me the GW core. I’ve been looking everywhere and can’t find it! Your google drive link doesn’t work for me :(. It’s the only core I’m missing to complete my Nintendo collection.

Hi EMH. Welcome to the forum.

I updated my GD link :

Enjoy !