"Corrupted Content Error"

This happens when i browse the forum, go to some other site and return. I always get this error. To be able to get back in the forum i have to restart the browser or create a new tab and re-load it there. Refreshing with “ctrl+Shift+R” also fixes it but regular F5 refresh does not. I also tried to delete all the site’s cookies but the problem returns every time.

This happens only with this forum. So i don’t think it’s my setup.

I see the same error… but only when the tab is unloaded (explicitly or by restarting the browser) and it tries to reload the page from cache. A standard refresh clears it up for me, and I have no issues popping over to other tabs or windows and returning. So there’s something that differs between setups – and browser cache settings seem likely. I’m no expert in the matter, but I can tell you that I have both memory and disk caching turned on (even for HTTPS) and with ample cache sizes to handle many more tabs than I keep open.

If you mention your browser (and version) along with OS, that might help folks help you. For example, I’m generally working with Waterfox (a third-party Firefox build) 56.2.1 on Win10 64-bit (1803).

And having just updated to Waterfox 56.2.2, I don’t even get that anymore – it simply loads properly, every time!

It’s worth noting that in the release notes for this version, I see that they fixed a “Corrupted Content issue on website that use service workers.” So, that might be your answer, much as I hate to say it like this: Check for browser updates. shrug

I use Firefox and it’s up to date, but i still have the issue. In both Windows 7 and 10 (i have a dual boot setup).