Could FreeDoom be included in the DOOM menu of the Content Downloader?

It would be nice to have something beyond the DOOM shareware version, and the PrBoom WAD.

The original creators seem open to the idea, but they said that I need to ask the creators here first:

Hey, yeah, sure. As long as it works with PrBoom core, we’d be happy to host it.

Tested it myself, no issues to speak of. Except for a moment when you try to set the Screen Size in the In-Game Options from Low to High where the game crashes (but it was a one-off thing, didn’t happen again after that).

Even the FreeDM deathmatch assets work. Though I don’t really know how to test out multiplayer on PrBoom.

Which reminds me…

Is there a reason why “PrBoom+” isn’t used as a core? Seeing as how it’s still maintained today…

I think the main reason is that our PrBoom core is heavily modified, and it would be difficult to re-port it.

I see…

So yeah… In other words, you can put it on there if you want to.

Because there are no real issues to speak of.

Is everything alright?

Can you tell me which of these files is the best one to use with prboom-libretro?

All I did was download, open and test the latest 0.12.1 ZIP files. (that’s the game data). All of them work by directly loading the archives.

The TAR files are obviously for people who want to install/extract it the Linux way, but all of them contain the exact same assets. You just need the engine (in this case, I personally recommend ZIP for obvious reasons).

Don’t know what the SIG files stand for, but the release comes with the FreeDoom, and FreeDM assets.

One of which is the regular game, the other being the deathmatch mode for online multiplayer (or with bots).

But I think it’s best that you ask the creators themselves. I’m just some kind of messenger…