Could someone compile a separate Atari800 core?

Ok so the problem is this: We only have one single core that can run Atari 5200 and Atari 400/800 properly. The Atari 800 core. The problem with this core, however, is that it can’t auto-detect which system of the two you are running. So if you play games on 5200 and you want to load a game from Atari 400/800, you have to change that in the core options and vice versa.

This could be solved if we could save core options files per-directory. This has been requested by me and some others over the years but since it hasn’t been implemented i assume it’s not possible. So the next best solution would be if someone would re-compile the same core so it saves its core option file with a different name, say “atari5200” or something (since the one we have is named atari800 already). This way we could use each core for each system separately, with it’s own core options.

I know this is possible because there was a helpful member here who compiled “Mame2019” by request. That core would save core options as “Mame2019” so it could be used separately from the main core. This was useful because some systems needed different core options to function, just like the Atari800 core. These two cores (mame and Atari 800) are the only ones that i’m aware of that emulate different systems but they don’t all work if you keep the core options unchanged. That’s why a separate atari800 core is needed.

Thanks in advance.

Have you checked out the core splitter?

If I remember right, it’s based primarily on batch files. Not sure if we could just change up the batch file to work with the 800 core, but I suppose it’s possible.

I agree the ultimate solution would be core-options-per-directory. I know I could use that in a few places to help with my own setup. I’m sure it’s on their radar, but between everything they are working on - on top of this year in general - who knows where it sits on their priority list relative to everything else.

Thanks. Seems i managed to edit the .bat successfully and it worked.

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