Crash on startup with Vulkan renderer when other GPU enabled

Hello! I’m wondering if there’s anything that can be done on my end to solve this. Attempting to get the new Parallel core working I noticed RA crashed every time at startup and after tinkering for a while I figured out the reason is due to one of my GPU not supporting Vulkan. I have a GTX 1080 ti as well as an AMD Radeon 7800 with CRT Emudriver for use with Switchres and the like. I know that the CRT Emudriver card does not support Vulkan most likely however my issue is that even when I start RA on a monitor not driven by that GPU but instead my 1080 ti Retroarch still crashes immediately at startup, I tried adjusting the vulkan gpu index option I found in the.cfg file but neither setting that value to 0 1 or 2 fixed the problem. So far the only thing that seems to fix the problem is disabling my Radeon card in the device manager. Is there any other way to make RA ignore this card when using Vulkan so it doesn’t crash right away even if I’m not really using it?