Creating a Single Arcade Section

Hi, I’m using EmulationStation as a front end. Does anyone know how to create a section that allows two or more emulators to be used, In this case it is an Arcade section that would have access to Final Burn Neo and a couple of versions of MAME.



If you’re using the original EmulationStation, you can’t have multiple emulators for one section. For Windows, there are alternatives like this one with the feature you want.

Another useful link : Updated EmulationStation for Windows - RetroPie Forum

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Thanks, I’m using that version. Do you know of a guide to making an ‘Arcade’ section?

In your es_systems.cfg, you can add an emulators tag per system (First paragraph here, don’t forget to change the command tag with the %CORE% argument).

In your gamelist.xml, you can add an emulator tag and a core tag per game with the same values you used in es_systems.cfg. The core tag is not necessary if there’s only one core for an emulator.

Check the github if you need more info or the Retropie topic.

Ok I’ve done all that but games just return to the main menu with exit code 1 (path issues apparently). Is there anything like the mini program that allows you to select an emulator like on the raspberry Pi build?

Are you sure your path is correct ? If you use a relative path (…\Roms\arcade\, you should be able to access this file in Windows Explorer from the ES folder.

There’s a log file in ES folder. I used a custom rom launcher with the original ES, but it was definitively not necessary with the fcamod version.

I double checked, I’m pretty sure they’re right but I’ll check again.

Thinking on this, I think I may be better off going with the latest MAME core and getting ROMs to match that core rather than matching cores to the existing ROMs I have (which area a mirror/backup of the ones on my Pi anyway).

Am I right in thinking that the mame.libretro.dll core matches the 0.220 ROMset? Eventually the Pi will catch up in this regard and I can run the single newer ROMset on both devices. At some point in the future I will probably have to do this anyway, it may as well be now.