Creating frontend OSX problems

Hi there, i’m trying to create a frontend for retroarch. My problem is now that the command line arguments dont work on my OSX el capitan mac. I use retroarch V 1.3.4 and i tried with a older of retroarch on a Windows PC and there i could start the game like i wanted.

The commandline that i use looks so: /temp/ -L <path to core> <Rom file>

Please can you tell me what i’m doing wrong or is this a bug?

Thank you for your help. bye

To my knowledge, we never did anything to specifically break CLI on OSX but it’s inconsistent as to whether it works or not. It worked fine on the OSX box I tried it on, while someone else using the same version of the program and OS couldn’t get it going. /shrug

I guess your best bet is to try the latest nightly and see if it treats you any better.

Hi hunterk,

thank you for your fast answer, and you are right with the latest nightly build it works now.

Thank you bye Alec4