crt-royale custom?

Hi, I saw this video: in which the guy shows his customisation to crt royale, but he didn’t share his config.

So I’d like to know if someone can tell me what kind of configuration he uses, and will it work on my Pi and how?

I don’t know his settings, but I can tell you crt-royale will definitely not work on your RPi. It’s much too demanding. Also, the GLSL version doesn’t compile for GLES, only desktop GL.

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Thanks! That’s interesting. What kind of shader is similar or lets say the best for simulating a crt on my RPI?

Crt-pi is specifically designed for that purpose. Zfast-crt is another good one.


Thx, I will try this.

I prefer zfast-crt over crt-pi, in looks.

That zfast crt +dotmask looks like what I serach.

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So is zfast_crt+dotmask what you were looking for?

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Yes, the screenshots look very promising. I don’t want scanlines, cause never had a scanline TV.

I’d suggest trying dotmask if you’re not wanting scanlines.

That’s the point why I looked in that thread. :wink: