Custom theme for retroarch

hi i want custom images for for each system in retroarch but i don’t know how to do can you help me please

like this

The dynamic backgrounds only work with the XMB menu, so make sure you’re using that, then go to settings > user interface > appearance > dynamic background ON. In that same menu, make sure ‘menu shader pipeline’ is set to OFF.

After that, stop by settings > directory and set your ‘dynamic backgrounds’ directory to wherever you store your backgrounds.

Now, just name your backgrounds the same as the playlist file(s) that you want them to show under. For example, Nintendo - Nintendo Entertainment will show Nintendo - Nintendo Entertainment System.png.

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ok thanks but i dont know how to use XMB i need help with my theme it wold be good if someone can make a video tutorial much easy to understand

this is the theme from which the images were extracted