Daphne Libretro core for Windows ?!

Hello everyone !

I don’t understand why the Daphne Libretro core for Windows has disappeared & is not available for download ?

Except the version of this core is available for Android here why not on Windows ?

Greetings !

I see no .gitlab-ci.yml at https://github.com/libretro/daphne, neither do i see it forked at https://git.libretro.com/libretro, so i suppose it hasn’t been included on the new buildbot yet. It was probably overlooked last year during the migration.

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@BarbuDreadMon OK it’s strange because it exists for Android & macOS… where do i apply to get it on windows ?!

Probably a leftover of previous buildbot.

I believe the missing .gitlab-ci.yml is only one part of the problem, there are many reports at https://github.com/libretro/daphne/issues mentioning the core is unavailable/broken on other platforms. I suppose it didn’t disappear, it simply was never there.

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It’s not that this core was ever functional. It has no sound, for starters.

Better just use the standalone.

@GemaH OK I would also like to play on my mobile phone… there is no standalone on Android ?

I don’t believe there has ever been a Windows version of the Daphne core. There is however a request to port Hypseus Singe, which is both Daphne and Singe in SDL2 (including Windows and Mac), to a libretro core here:

It’s Daphne and so much more…

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