Dealing with specific core options


I’m coding/debuging a frontend written in python. One of the features that I need is to access the core options available. Example, retroarch is able to list several coreoptions from the snes9x core like:

snes9x_aspect = "4:3"
snes9x_audio_interpolation = "gaussian"
snes9x_blargg = "disabled"
snes9x_block_invalid_vram_access = "enabled"
snes9x_echo_buffer_hack = "disabled"
snes9x_gfx_clip = "enabled"
snes9x_gfx_hires = "enabled"

At first, i do need to be able to list them, and them to set them. I looking on the documentation and on the libretro.h, didn´t quite find it yet.

Thanks for any help in advance.

Core options and any core specific settings should be found under retroarch/config/ folders. The .opt files are the core options, while .cfg are RetroArch settings that are saved as override for this core. In example for Snes9x, I have:


When you say “frontend,” do you mean a libretro frontend? Or a launcher like EmulationStation. If the former, it should be this:

I mean, I’ve wrote a Python Lib Interface that calls a core. All the screen output is being rendered by pygame perfectly. Although, to my specific needs, I do need to send some core specific settings to the core. The ones listed above.

I noticed that in the retroarch frontend. He is able to list all the core specific settings and the set then. Therefore, there must be an interface on the libretro, that lists such attributes. So for I was not able to find.