Default MAME Video Settings Not Saving

In the MAME (current) core, my video settings (in the tab menu) are not being saved. If I look at the default.cfg it appears to be just a generic file… and all the individual game .cfg’s look the same way, as if no changes are being saved. Is there something else I need to do other than make changes in the MAME tab menu and then save a core or game override?

I wasn’t able to find anything at all about the tab menu in the libreto core pages… sorry if I overlooked something. Thanks for any help you can offer.

I’m sorry to ask help on this again, but it’s been driving me crazy. Is it possible to get the MAME (current) core to save default video settings (from the MAME tab menu)? The games continue to launch without any changes that I have made (such as “show bezel”, etc). Any help is greatly appreciated.

The MAME OSD isn’t tied into RetroArch’s settings at all, so the overrides don’t see any changes.

However, you can use mame’s ini system by creating them in [system]/mame/ini/[whatever].ini.

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I’m not sure but I think it’s been saving my .ini’s to the main RA directory. I found a bunch of them in there for various games.

edit Also… if I put a “mame.ini” in that directory will it be the default settings?

edit Also, also… what does the “MAME ini paths” option do, exactly? Is it related to where these files are stored?

edit I looked in my .ini files and the inipath is listed as .;ini;ini/presets which doesn’t seem right.

try this in your mame ini that you have in ra’s main dir

readconfig                1
writeconfig               1

homepath                  system/mame/
hashpath                  system/mame/hash
samplepath                system/mame/samples
artpath                   system/mame/artwork
ctrlrpath                 system/mame/ctrlr
inipath                   system/mame/ini
fontpath                  system/mame/
cheatpath                 system/mame/cheat
crosshairpath             system/mame/crosshair
pluginspath               system/mame/plugins
languagepath              system/mame/language
swpath                    system/mame/software

cfg_directory             saves/mame/cfg
nvram_directory           saves/mame/nvram
input_directory           saves/mame/input
state_directory           saves/mame/states
snapshot_directory        saves/mame/snaps
diff_directory            saves/mame/diff
comment_directory         system/mame/comments

Thanks, I appreciate it… that seems to have been all I needed. I’m not sure how my mame.ini got screwed up, or why the MAME core wasn’t building a proper one when I moved or deleted the old one, but this has got me on track. Thank you.

I’m still not sure what the all the options are for, such as the “MAME ini paths”, etc…

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