DesMume core,microphone simulation not working?

Hello! I have been searching for an answer to this for a long time, i usually figure out this stuff on my own. the problem is i cant get the microphone simulation on desmume to work i have mapped it to a button tried a bunch of different settings but none of them work. so im wondering what am i missing? and can i use my own sample if so, how?

I tried this out not long ago and had no issues with pressing L3 to toggle microphone and get it to work (you can change this to a keyboard button instead) I think you have to set desmume_mic_enable=enabled and desmume_mic_mode=internal

I know I tried physical at one point just to try my plugged microphone but it didn’t work at all.

thank for the answer, doesn’t work for me though, maybe it’s because i have patched the rom to work without touch control. gonna try without the patch.

nope! dident work.

OK, that’s unfortunate to hear. Do you own any of the Mario & Luigi or Zelda games for Nintendo DS? Those games should have built in microphone tests and that’s how I usually test to see if I have configured it right.

yes, tested that and it works. i guess that the game dosent work whit that sound simulation, ill wait for a new ds core release where sound samples is supported. thanks for the help thou.

I’m stuck on Resident Evil DS, I need to blow some candles out so I can get the red jewel, but the internal sample just isn’t enough to blow them out, I even tried desmume standalone using a sound sample I found on the desmume forums and managed to blow out two candles only.

Any advice?

Edit: I managed to blow out the candles in Drastic for Android on my phone, I transfered the save and tried using the phone’s mic, set the emulator to the highest sensitivity and tried blowing the candles, there’s a specific way to blow them out.

Still, I’ll think about suggesting more mic options for the Desmume core, like we have for the pointer and touch controls.

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Damn, I’m a little sad to hear physical mics aren’t working. I was literally gonna buy an old 90’s lookin’ desk mic for just this purpose hahaha

how do i find the microphone options in retroarch?

Same issue here. Been looking for the microphone settings for quite some time now. Looking in config files, every menu in retroarch, and i haven’t been able to find it. Specifically need it for DeSmuME.