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Ok thanks.

I havent found it but is there a way to play portrait games (PacMan) in MAME in portrait mode on portable devices such as Vita, tablets, phones, Android devices like GPD etc? What I mean is rotate the screen, fill it 3:4 (I had to mess with the width and XY pos manually there is no fit screen while rotated), then have the controls go with it? I tried it on the Vita and while I can rotate the screen the d-pad doesn’t go with it. I then tried to remap the dpad directions but then the menu was hard as it was all opposite etc even though unifiedmenu controls were set to off . After finally getting it to work, it just defaulted back to regular controls after I did a “saved game overrides”. Remapped controls will work for selected game as long as I don’t save the override (the screen was still as I set it though). Is this a bug or operator error?


hmm, possibly a bug. I haven’t had any issues loading both an override and a remap file, but I haven’t tried doing your specific procedure.


I thought there may be a setting I missed. Yeah binds work great, until I save the per game override, then it just defaults out.

Also in MAME if I load a game, then load a different one it just runs the previous ROM loaded (but uses the newly loaded game’s override). So If I run Pac Man that has a rotated screen in the override, then load Asteroids that is non rotated it will just load PacMan again but non rotated like Asteroids.

It seems MAME 2000 is kind of messed up on the Vita. I wonder if it is getting any fixes eventually? This is why I asked about bug reporting, I have some to report as you see.

Is there a way to manually edit the config to get what I want? if so how do I format it so that MAME understands?


The Vita port is almost entirely maintained by a guy named frangarcj. I’ll mention these posts to him.


Thanks much. Is there a place here that he reads? If I find other bugs I can report them.


Yeah, I understand your point. But it would be nice if the option of savestate at least had a description with a warning to the possibility of this kind of problems, suggesting to the user to check the “Don’t save SRAM on loading state”. Not every user is a tech savvy tinkerer. I’m not a complete noob with computers and emulation and even I committed a mistake while using retroarch. By the way, I didn’t saved anything after loading the save state. I’m aware of how to deal with saves in emulators.

I loaded save state, checked whatever I wanted at the time, closed emulation and the core. Reopened the rom with the same core and proceeded in loading the SRAM savefile the normal way and noticed that the place where the character was, the stats, items, etc was different from the last time I saved. Then I restarted the emulation to verify if it wasn’t some weird bug and the save was still the same. I closed retroarch completely missing the option to undo the savestate and this is where I really messed everything. Of course I could study more every single aspect of retroarch, but a better description in one or more items in the menu could also prevent all this mess that I made. You realise that I didn’t used the undo savestate/loadstate because I didn’t even know what was really happening there and the relation between the SRAM save and the savestate and naively ended up nailing the coffin by restarting retroarch trying to recover the SRAM file.

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ EDIT: I think other emulators do not persist the changes made by a loaded save state at exit. If I close them, if I’m not mistaken, its like I used the undo option, I guess. If you create another savestate or override a existant savestate, then you can recover it again by loading it, but the changes in the sram doesn’t persist after closing the emulator, so you would have to load the state again in order to recover all the data again. I’m not 100% sure if this is exactly the case in other emulators, but if feels like this when I used them. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Well…I already recovered the progress from the game. I didn’t lost much since I create many saves for precaution, but I think that a better description would not be hard to add in the interface and would improve things a lot for new users or silly people in general. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, thanks for your attention and for the awesome software you guys are developing.

By the way, sorry for any grammar mistakes.I’m still improving my english skills, hehe.


Just wanted to let you know that I’ve written an issue comment on the old kiosk mode discussion over at GitHub. Although some work has already been done to facilitate this, it needs more work and polish to be a complete feature. So, head over to GitHub and join the discussion!


I don’t think the granularity you describe is going to be feasible without switching to a generative menu layout. That is, text files where you can describe whatever layout you want from the palette of features and the menu pulls from those files when you load the program. For example:


Then you could just comment out or delete the things you don’t want exposed. Translations would still be able to replace those strings based on the MSG_HASH, just like they do now.

I’m beginning to think this is the only way to finally silence the people who complain about our “UX” and “flow”, since they could just design/use their own layout.

However, I’ve put this idea out to Twinaphex and he’s not keen on it and would rather work on the existing code, so unless someone like @kivutar wants to take it on, it’s probably not going to happen. As it is, adding/removing something to/from the menu is pretty excruciating, as you have to do things in like 8 different places just to make something show up, let alone function.


I’m not sure if you know this but, if you save in the standalone Mupen64Plus ( For example ) you can just rename the file to .srm and it would work in RetroArch! I am not sure about savestates but oh well.


I agree that a generative menu layout would be better suited for this. Given RetroArch’s complexity (which is for the most part necessary given the goals of the project), including most settings in the GUI while still pleasing those that want an easy to use/understand or slimmed down experience such as kiosk/kids mode might be impossible.

Since I’m guessing you won’t make such a radical change in a while, my next question is: Would you be willing to accept pull requests, if well implemented? While it would probably take much longer, myself or others could implement this in several steps and make pull requests along the way. For example, I would probably start with making it possible to restore the settings tab visibility directly from XMB.

EDIT: I could probably put together a full proposal with details for each new proposed setting, i.e. retroarch.cfg additions, placement in the UI, UI description, etc.


Yeah, PRs are always welcome. When it’s convenient, go ahead and write a proposal in the github issue and @/ping some people, like Twinaphex and kivutar and let them know what you have in mind. You can mention that we’ve talked about it here and I’ll discuss it with them in IRC if needed.


Okay, sounds good. I’ll put together something pretty detailed regarding the implementation as well as a plan for the implementation order.


Okay, I’ve posted a more detailed proposal on GitHub:


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Apple doesn’t even allow us in their ecosystem. Why would we want to support their locked-down, proprietary language?

Anyway, if some outside developer wanted to add and support such a thing, we would likely accept it, but none of the regular contributors have any interest in playing ball with Apple on this.


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Netplay suggestions.

Is possible to add a option to download the host rom or iso? If the host allows it, of course.

If you change the netplay interface, i’m sure the community of fightcade will come to us.

Netplay with more systems would be great.


No. We don’t want to facilitate piracy.

I know we basically allow pirated games to be played but that’s on the users, not on us.