Development Suggestions


How about a way to make the space for texts bigger (XMB menu)? Pretty much all “external texts” (ROM names, core names, listings in the updater, …) are cut of somewhere even with a huge amount of space next to the text.

For example: “SNES / Super Famicom (bsnes-mercury Performance)” is just “SNES / Super Famicom (bsnes-merc…” for every core of it.

Yes, the text scrolls when you highlight it but is pretty slow sometimes and you just sit there and wait.


There are a number of values to change, text length but also various spaces/margins in the code.
This is the modification I make in menu\drivers\xmb.c with 1080p and “menu scale factor” = 50 as my target.

It looks like this. (for desktop, 32" screen)

I wonder if someone could figure out a way to link all those together for dynamic scaling wit a parameter.
Or probably 2: one value for thumbnails scaling, one for texts length + margins.


Hello! I wanted to quickly state that I love what you guys are doing, and thank you for the hard work you’ve put in.

My suggestion centres on the problem that if you have a lot of ROMs, the library can get quite bloated, especially if you have more than one version of the same game, such as from multiple regions, multiple revisions, romhacks, or multiple discs. To resolve this, my idea is that if Retroarch detects multiple instances of the same game for the same system, it creates a sub-menu for it in the library, from which you can choose which version of that game to boot. This instantly removes any copies of that game from the top menu and makes navigating your libraries a lot easier.

To facilitate this, some preferences will have to be added. You’ll need to choose what default region name you want to apply for games in the top menu (eg. in the top menu the game becomes: JP - Hoshi no Kirby: Sanjō! Dorotche Dan, NA - Kirby: Squeak Squad, EU - Kirby: Mouse Attack). You could also choose to automatically boot up whichever is your preference when you select that title, though this would need to be on a per-game basis as this would cause issues for games with multiple discs. An option to manually add romhacks to your library via this sub-menu would also be good, so that they can all be kept in the same place.

Thanks for reading and for your time.


I agree. The main list of games should just contain a list of game names. The sub-menu that provides the current Run, Rename, Remove and Information options should now include Language and Default Rom. The Language option would detect available language codes on the ROM name. Once selecting a language a list of ROM types could be listed such as v1.1, Hack 1, etc. The user can set the default language and ROM but it allows them to change to another if they want. This would free the main list from all the long names and multi-listings.


Suggestion (I also posted in an existing issue on Github):

Add an optional description / blurb entry that a user can put in when hosting a game in the netplay lobby. It would be nice if other users could highlight a game in the lobby and see more optional info the hoster provides like: “Watch me try and speed run Mario Bros!” or “Chat with me on Discord channel XYZ”


As an addendum to my previous suggestion, can we get sorting methods applied to the favourites list? Alphabetical, system or release date would be good options to start with off the top of my head.


I’ve been hesitant to propose this as it’s well outside the scope of Libretro but given the expansion of front-end features that have been added to Retroarch and its upcoming inclusion in Kodi, I thought I’d throw it out there.

It would be really cool if Retroarch had a “launcher” core to launch applications outside of RA. Users could use this to add pc games and emulators that aren’t yet supported in RA. There’d probably need to be a launch rom through external app and just launch external app version and some per-file launch parameters. Again, I know it’s way beyond the scope of libretro, but it would be a good way to access one’s whole game collection from one spot and a fantastic way to get everything integrated in Kodi.


there’s two suggestions,

  1. in Nightly build, sometimes certain settings ruining app itself(locked or broken until wipeout all and re-install) so at least for nightly build testers, need panic button like reset or rollback function will helped for ‘prevent lossing all datas’

recent root space …/data/data/com.retroarch and cfg manual edit things are too complicated and not much helped.

  1. RA can set background wallpaper for XMB UI. but when image or video files like those are too big or huge size, on android phones it’s make easily hang or crash the app.

so we need a options to ‘totally ignore the video/image files / certain oversized directory’ like things.


Inside the shader preset file the drive letter is specificaded:

shader0 = “E:\Emuladores\RetroArch\shaders\shaders_glsl\ntsc…/misc/nes-color-decoder.glsl”

The path could be saved without the drive letter. Exemple:

shader0 = “:\shaders\shaders_glsl\ntsc…/misc/nes-color-decoder.glsl”

So, the RetroArch folder can be moved to other driver without problem.


Hi everyone.

Going the extramile here by asking this but, seeing development back to both Xbox OG & 360, what madness would it take to release RA for… Dreamcast?

Sure, it might run up to Sega Genesis maybe but, just for the sake of having it.


Twinaphex has talked about it (and a PS2 port, as well), so it could happen eventually. These would be pretty useless ports, but could be fun anyway :slight_smile:


Cool! You have a tester for DC here! :slight_smile:

Btw, DC has some good emus already, like NesterDC, Neo4all (awesome neogeo cd emu!) and Sega Genesis Plus DC.

Snes4all is somewhat decent and also Gnuboy DC and a very limited mame implementation.

I always hoped for a port of the cps1 & 2 emus from psp to DC,


Sugguestion: Core “Options” Override

There doesn’t seem to be a way to set Core “Options” per game.

For instance, on mednafen_pce_fast_libretro, the core options now give you the option to choose which system BIOS to use when you load a game.

However, there’s no way to set certain games to certain BIOS. For example:

Fighting Street = syscard2.pce Castlevania - Rondo of Blood = syscard3.pce

I’m certain there would be much more diverse uses for a Core “Options” override, but this is just the example I had.


I believe game-option files are already pretty much per game Core Option overrides. You can create a game-options file in the core option menu.


There is in fact a way. The first entry in the core options menu allows you to create a game specific options file.


I think I had been trying to save game overrides from the root quick menu lol

I do notice though, that doing this also saves every single core’s options to the .opt file. So like, Fighting Street.opt has all the core info for GensPlusGX and Mednafen PSX and so on and so forth.

I located the single line I needed and emptied everything else out, and it totally works!

Is this option supposed to save all that? Just seemed sort of overkill, but either way… it totally works! Thanks guys.


it doesn’t really matter… I guess if you have 20000 core options files it could get to a coule megabytes…

I tried to clean up when saving but the core options manager is kinda difficult :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m still trying to sort out the ideal place to post this - here or Github are all I’ve figured out.

I’ve noticed that RetroArch sometimes has trouble using the ingame save function on Android. When this happens no obvious error is thrown (or any that I could find) to notify the user that the save failed to write to the filesystem. Some type of notification would be useful.


I don’t have such a problem. What’s your save dir set to?


My save directory was set to the default directory. storage/emulated/0/RetroArch/saves