Development Suggestions


I would love to see RetroArch organize games more intuitively. Right now it does not recognize many of the common game naming codes that are found at the end of the games. The artwork is not displayed and country codes are not expanded in these caseses. It would also be nice if only 1 copy of each game was shown on the games list. Then if there are options (languages, translations, bad and recommended copies etc) they could be sub-selected. That would really clean up the look and selection process when there are many ROMS.

Thanks for the amazing app. Keep up the good work!


A very small suggestion: would it be possible to be able to have the option change the screenshot format between .png and .jpg? .png creenshots taken in 4K resolution with complex shaders on are often so large that they can’t be uploaded to some services without a change in file format, so being able to do that natively would be a big help.

Thanks for all your hard work!


That would require us to add a jpeg encoder, either homegrown or through a separate dependency, neither of which is particularly attractive.


Had a thought earlier today. Would it be possible to add mouse axis and button support mapping for RetroPad?

Like, for instance, map the Right-Stick X-axis to the mouse X-axis, and B & A to left/right click?

Probably seems mostly silly, and probably far harder than I’d imagine to setup, but I thought it was an interesting thought none-the-less


A no color option for the menu background. Right now a color is always overlayed onto the background and sometimes this isn’t ideal when the background image itself is already colored in some way.


I’d love to be able to alphabetize Favorites playlists so as to more easily find titles without the need to have to perform searches for specific roms. Also, it’d be nice if boxart would show up on the Favourites menu.

Was very happy when the ability to add Favourites was introduced, but feel the option needs slight refinement to make it more usable. The addition of the aforementioned features would, in my opinion, make it perfect.


A couple things I wanted to put here today.

1.) As a suggestion, I would LOVE to be able to choose which onscreen notifications we get. For example, seeing “Core Overrides Loaded” on my boot screens is really distracting from the seamless experience. Sure, I could turn the messages off completely, but then I wouldn’t have the confirmation message when I save a state. Or, another example, I really don’t need it to tell me that I am fast forwarding or rewinding. But it’s great to get a confirmation that my config file/overrides saved successfully.

2.) I also want to say “THANK YOU!!!” To whatever genius implemented the ability to hit Del and/or X-button to clean an input when mapping controls. Seriously makes my life SO much easier not having to go into the cfg file to clear an input on an override.

3.) @Axiphel I think you can choose the option called “Plain” in the background settings to remove the color overlay; if I’m understanding you correctly.


With Plain. This is darker than the dark color option. lol

Raw background


That’s because of your background opacity setting. With no game loaded, it’s black behind the background. So if the opacity is set to the default of 0.300 (I think that’s it) It’s gonna be pretty dark with nothing behind it.

Set it to 1.000 for a solid picture.


Reduce clutter in the config file by checking if a value is default before writing it. Its a lot easier to manage a config when it only contains non-default values.


In my suggestions for Android version, add rumble for game systems like Gameboy and Gameboy Color Rumble Pak. Android devices has motor vibrations inside which can be used to emulate controller vibration feedback. Plus add haptic feedback, on-screen combo buttons, on-screen sticky buttons, and on-screen turbo buttons. And on “XMB” and other user interface menu on Retroarch, add background music and sound effects when scrolling, confirm, and cancel. Plus, add even more user interface menus on Retroarch like Dreamcast Home Menu. I sure hope all my suggestions was big enough to help your developments.


I have a s812(m8s) boxes.but someone tells me s812 need dtb file.But I don’t know where to find dtb for my device I know a little about Linux.If you have simple method(without source),I want to try. Thanks.


Don’t know if this suggestion belongs here, but why is the default value for X and Y onscreen notification is 0.050 (or something like that) ? It overlaps the core information. I suggest putting it to “0.010” for both X and Y by default so that it does not cover any useful information. But maybe this is resolution-dependant ?


Any testing or development on/for the Banana Pi M2 Berry?




Can you please add an option to save the current shader parameters to the active CGP.
As of now the only option is to “Save As” and retype the same name.


I’d like more enhancements to netplay. The last time I used it, which was around a year a go, I wish there was an in game text chat feature to allow messaging during a session (like press T and type, then press enter to send). Not everyone who connects wants to voice chat, so being able to text chat anyone would be a big help for some games - especially if connecting through the lobby. And of course, an option to disable it if people wanted.

It’d be nice to have password protected rooms as well, or just an option to lock the room so no one else can connect.

I also hope for just an overall better netplay session management system. I remember it being confusing when trying to switch controllers to other players using keyboard shortcuts. As the owner of the game session, it’d be nice to have a menu in Retroarch that you can access pressing F1 to manage everything. Like kicking players, banning players, locking rooms, setting passwords, etc.


Is it possible to add music files to the games you want to select. Like on ps3 when browsing games. That would be great.

And for the core of n64 to disable fog. I noticed that when you disable fog in some games on the mupen stand alone that run so much faster.

And one question can I run GameCube games on a dual-core 1.8 ghz and 8 gb ram?


Retroarch is working perfectly on Chrome OS with ARC, I just wanted to know if I do run into issues should I report them or is ARC not a supported platform?


It’s not specifically supported, but feel free to report issues and we’ll fix them if we can.


I second this one. It’s massively annoying especially if you mistype and don’t realize then everything is thrown off.