Development Suggestions


If only android allowed you to mount network shares natively.


Just wanted to ask for this feature, unless it’s already in Retroarch and I just over looked it - but would it be possible when updating files inside of Retoarch to have the cores listed in another color (such as red) when the core has been updated, to save from re-downloading an old core or one that the end user has updated and didn’t remember do so. thanks!


I’d like to request that the onscreen messages be shown on the layer on top of the overlays instead of below. They don’t match the screen area of the game window so all overlays are shown over the text right now.


Suggestions for More Descriptive Save States Slots (hope this is the right place for this)

So a couple of related suggestions regarding save states. In games that have infinite continues or passwords like Castlevania I like to make a save state for the continue screen to each level. Now usually I just put the state file in the same slot number as the level it corresponds to. But sometimes games don’t have a straight forward linear progression like Castlevania - Dracula X for the SNES it has branching pathways. When using a standalone emulator I can just name the files whatever I want and organize them how I please in the file browser but with RetroArch’s rigid file structure I can’t do that. Do you think it would be possible to let users put in a description for each state slot and have that description saved and displayed on the menu when that slot is selected in the same way thumbnails work? Like thumbnails you could have the description be a separate file.

This brings be to another suggestion more control over state thumbnails. When enabled thumbnails are a screenshot of wherever the state was created but that’s just gives me a series of the same screenshot of the continue screen. What I would like is for there to be a second screenshot button in the menu that replaces the thumbnail of the currently selected state slot. I am able to do this manually in the file browser but it’s a pain and it would be so much more convenient if I could just do it from the RetroArch menu.


Couple more things that popped into my head, first dealing with the disk controls in the quick menu, I think the menu should display the file name of the disk. While this is not needed for the likes of the PSX for pc systems like say MSX or Sharp X68000 it can be helpful since it not always a simply disc 1, disc 2 disc 3 situation. Example for Aquales on the Sharp X disc 1 is a demo disc which means that it’s a whole disc dedicated to just playing the anime intro. Disc 2 is the game data disc (loads the game itself into RAM). Disc 3 is a save disc creator meaning you use it to create a disc 4 from a blank disc. Disc 4 is the disc you insert when you save your game. Sorcerian on the MSX is 5 discs with disc 1 being the game data disc. Disc 2, 3 & 4 are Scenario 1, 2, & 3 discs. And finally disc 5 is the user disc (meaning the disc you use to save your game). So ya showing the file name in the Retroarch disc control menu would be helpful.

The next issue concerns cores that support multiple systems like the genesis plus gx core. For genesis I have a b & c mapped to x, a, & b. but this means for the master system buttons 1 and 2 are a & b but I want them to be x & a. this means I only have two options either make a custom remap for all my master systems games or make a custom remap for all my genesis games either option is just silly and impractical. I have the same problem with the game boy I like the color correction for original game boy games because that means the internal color palettes look the way I remember them as a kid. But for game boy color games I like the color correction off as I feel GBC games look batter with it off. Again I am left with the same situation either I make a custom config for every game boy game or make a custom config for every game boy color game. And again either option is silly and impractical. I think there should be an option to make a core lode certain config file & certain remap file depending on the file type that is loaded. Unless the game in question has its own individual config or remap file in which case load that instated. Given that we can already give individual games their own config and remap files it shouldn’t be too hard to make that concept work for file types as well as individual games.


You can do overrides based on the parent directory. So, if you have all of your Master System games in another directory, you can do a config override or remap or whatever based on files being in that directory.


how do you go about saving overrides based on directory?

Ok I figured it out and that wont work because of two reasons. One it says it is for global configuration not remaps or core options though it might be helpful for N64 games were not for the second reason it won’t work. Reason two is the way I organize my roms is each rom has its own individual directory I don’t just dump all the games into one folder. Each game has its own folder and I store things other than just the game in that folder (things like the cover art, the manual, guides from GameFAQs etc.)


Sub-menus in playlists would be awesome. That way, for instance, you can have playlists by device across the top and each is filled with a scrollable genre list.

Next would be a different playlist style (perhaps with a different extension?) that can be executed like a script that can pull in game references with choosable criteria.


First a way to pair bluetooth controllers directly from the interface without having to use ssh.

And for today’s encounter, being able to delete games from auto generated playlist. Got this, removed a rom, still shows up in lakka with “file not found” Whut why


I asked some days ago on discord if you could add to the platform a feature to set different physical joystick buttons in order to set one action into the game… Example: You press d-down + button A in your joystick and it does the same action as if would do the upper LEFT button in SNES games… So you could perform this action with some controllers which doesn’t have all physical necessary buttons for one specific emulator (Say like playing with a NES controller on sega genesis games, there may be many more cases like that).


Hello. I am creating a script for use with RetroArch from a FrontEnd. A command that returns the original resolution of a rom would be very useful to me. For example: #retroarch --originalresolution




I support this request. The current config file in my case has 2947 lines, mostly due to input_player* settings (2352 lines).


.bat file for verbose logging?

I’ve toyed around with trying to make it a little easier to generate a logfile for troubleshooting - at least via windows. I was able to create a .bat file with the typical command:

"W:\Emulators\RetroArch\retroarch_debug.exe" --verbose --log-file log.txt

I’m fairly new with these bat files, but if there was a way to get a relative path into that, it might be something worth including in the install files. It’s certainly made it a much snappier process for me to generate a log if I need it.

Maybe that’s a stupid idea lol, I don’t know, but I thought I’d share it anyway.


I like this idea, but only if it’s an ‘option’. Or if another text file including the full default is included. I actually dive into that for the config lines quite a bit to manually create overrides.

Using the internal override settings doesn’t always give me the settings I want, for various reasons, such as setting a specific video driver.


Autoturn off controller overlay if physical controller is detected

I would like to get this option. Sometimes I play without a controller, but if I’m at home, I would love to just connect the controller and use it without any overlay.



The Analogue systems (Mega SG, NT/Mini) have a really cool cropping feature where each side of the video output can be cropped individually and any amount. Some cores have this but only preset values and only some sides.

I’d love to see this cropping feature added.


2 Ideas one good, one possibly idiotic.

1st idea - Create a “Load Subsystem” sub-menu in the main menu to go alongside “Load Core” and “Load Content” as the entire screen fills up with subsystems now in cores like FBA, it’s really cluttered up on smaller screens now.

2nd idea -This one might be stupid… but if Black Frame Insertion introduces a big brightness decrease… would having a White Frame Insertion option do the opposite? Or a Grey Frame Insertion to remain neutral?


It’s not a dumb idea. I’ve played around with the concept. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work as you/I would hope. That is, using gray or white can help preserve brightness, but it washes the image out


Ah, yeah I wondered if that might be the case. Would cranking up saturation at that point offset the effect, or just make a gushy mess out of the image?


you would get clipping before you could make a dent in it.