Development Suggestions


If only android allowed you to mount network shares natively.


Just wanted to ask for this feature, unless it’s already in Retroarch and I just over looked it - but would it be possible when updating files inside of Retoarch to have the cores listed in another color (such as red) when the core has been updated, to save from re-downloading an old core or one that the end user has updated and didn’t remember do so. thanks!


I’d like to request that the onscreen messages be shown on the layer on top of the overlays instead of below. They don’t match the screen area of the game window so all overlays are shown over the text right now.


Suggestions for More Descriptive Save States Slots (hope this is the right place for this)

So a couple of related suggestions regarding save states. In games that have infinite continues or passwords like Castlevania I like to make a save state for the continue screen to each level. Now usually I just put the state file in the same slot number as the level it corresponds to. But sometimes games don’t have a straight forward linear progression like Castlevania - Dracula X for the SNES it has branching pathways. When using a standalone emulator I can just name the files whatever I want and organize them how I please in the file browser but with RetroArch’s rigid file structure I can’t do that. Do you think it would be possible to let users put in a description for each state slot and have that description saved and displayed on the menu when that slot is selected in the same way thumbnails work? Like thumbnails you could have the description be a separate file.

This brings be to another suggestion more control over state thumbnails. When enabled thumbnails are a screenshot of wherever the state was created but that’s just gives me a series of the same screenshot of the continue screen. What I would like is for there to be a second screenshot button in the menu that replaces the thumbnail of the currently selected state slot. I am able to do this manually in the file browser but it’s a pain and it would be so much more convenient if I could just do it from the RetroArch menu.