DINO CRISIS 1 (DREAMCAST) -HD Texture pack Reicast (RELEASED 22/4)



The pack is a combination between upscaled Gigapixel textures and New textures, because i didnt like some textures and other were so low resolution than i cant improve them with gigapixel.

**INSTRUCTIONS: Create a folder with the name “textures” inside “system/dc” and, in there, put the folder “T7019D__06” And then , enable the option “Load custom textures” in Reicast options.

Reicast doesnt have an option to prefetch the custom textures like in dolphin emulator (preload at the beginning of the emulation) so, if the texture is too big, theres a delay until the new texture loads ingame.

One thing that i note is that, the emulator tend to crash sometimes when you use save-states with a custom texture pack applied, avoid saves-states if posible.

The custom texture pack works with the PAL T7019D__06 (SPANISH) version of the game (I will update this texture pack for other pal versions as well )

In the future, i will update more textures of the game in a second release XD.



The shadows are fixed in this release.

Conparisson 1: http://screenshotcomparison.com/comparison/134396/picture:0

comparisson 2: http://screenshotcomparison.com/comparison/134397

comparisson 3: http://screenshotcomparison.com/comparison/134399

comparisson 4: http://screenshotcomparison.com/comparison/134400


Looks wonderful, keep them coming! (by the way you are a spaniard, aren’t you? I am as well)

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Now if only we could apply tessellation to the low poly counts. :slight_smile:

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Im from argentina.

Yeah, im making new texture packs but , im figuring out what game i should finish , heavy metal geomatrix, finish the virtua tennis 2 pack, sturmwind (but being a 2d game its difficult).

Would be great if the dreamcast version could use Z-buffer for this game, but its the same as the ps1 and pc release of the time.