Dolphin core huge slowdown with bluetooth 8BitDo SN30PRO

Hey, I started playing GC/Wii games with the Dolphin core, and I noticed huge slowdown in most games when using my 8BitDo SN30PRO controller, connected via bluetooth. Dolphin run fine when the same controller is wired. The standalone Dolphin emu does not have this problem, all games runs fine with both bluetooth or wired controller. Anyone else has the same problem?

Yes, this is a known issue caused by an interaction with the core’s rumble, the controller firmware and the xinput joypad driver in RetroArch. It also affects mGBA and a couple other cores IIRC.

The best/easiest solution is to switch from the default xinput driver to dinput in settings > driver. (close RetroArch completely and then reopen after each driver change; don’t choose “null” driver)

I see, that’s strange because not all gc games have this problem, for example zelda wind waker is ok. Anyway, I tried switching to dinput, but my controller is detected as a dinput compatible controller but buttons don’t work…

You may need to try a different pairing mode. Also, make sure your firmware is up to date.