Dolphin core instant crash with Vulkan (segmentation fault)

The dolphin core crashes instantly with a segmentation fault when configured to use Vulkan. Other cores work fine with Vulkan.

I have already tried what have been mentioned as common remedies, like:

  • Disabling the option allowing cores to switch video drivers
  • Disabling rewind
  • Disabling runahead
  • Changing the ‘fastmem’ option
  • Disabling threaded video
  • Enabling shared hardware context
  • Changing the driver to glcore (this one worked, but I want to use Vulkan)
  • A bunch of other things

I am running the latest version Retroarch, with the latest build of the Dolphin core on Archlinux. Everything is up to date.

I have uploaded a log here:

The only thing displayed in stdout is:

Segmentation fault (core dumped)