Dolphin Core Linux: Where to save individual .ini config per game?

The Dolphin Wiki suggests the following two options are set to off for Mario Kart Wii:

Store XFB Copies to Texture Only
Store EFB Copies to Texture Only

I have not been able to find these in the RetroArch Dolphin Core in game settings, although there are some settings that mention EFB and textures:

Scaled EFB copy
Store EFB copies on GPU
Disable EFB to VRAM
GPU texture encoding

A reddit user explained to me that I could create an individual config per game:

go to settings > directory and find out where your ‘saves’ dir is, then look in [saves]/[gamename]/Config/Dolphin.ini

For me on Ubuntu 18.04, by default RetroArch >> Settings >> Directory, both Savefile and Savestate for the Dolphin Core are set to .

If it helps, to import my ingame-saved game for a different game, New Super Mario Bros., I had to place it in the following location: /mnt/…/roms/wii/User/Wii/title/00010000/4b4d4e45/data. My roms are stored in /mnt/…/roms/wii/

Can you please tell me the exact location where I should copy and paste the custom config I have in Dolphin standalone for Mario Kart, and also, as Dolphin standalone has this stored in an .ini file named matching the title code in ~/.local/share/dolphin-emu/GameSettings/RMCP01.ini, should I use the same file name or should it be Dolphin.ini?