Dolphin core option Skip EFB Access From CPU missing


i’m playing F-ZERO GX on dolphin, everything run great except for one circuit : sand ocean. it’s almost unplayable as it’s very slow.

this is a known issue on dolphin core for ocean heat effect and can be workaround by using “Skip EFB access From CPU” (ref:

My issue is that I can’t find this option in the quick menu, it’s not present. On retroarch announcement I can see that this core option should have been present on retroarch under “extra features” of the core presentation :

is it only on my side or this option has not being supported yet ? or maybe this same option has a different name ?

thank you in advance for any feedback on this post

The core was re-ported and that probably just didn’t make the cut the second time around. Most options are still accessible, you just need to edit the dolphin.ini, just like you would for standalone (if you weren’t using the GUI menu).


thank you so much for your quick respond on that,

ok I got it, it should just be missing on the GUI menu. I went then on my Dolphin.ini (I found it under retroarch\saves\user\config\dolphin.ini) and by looking into it I was not yet able to found this option to pass it to True. Seems to be missing on my files somehow, or did I look at the right place?

(Here is my dolphin.ini for reference ) Can I simply add the argument if I found the right syntax?

thank you

workaroung : for those who are struggling to play F-ZERO GX due to this, seems that disabling progressive scan is helping for performance and it was then playable on this particular circuit that was causing the issue.

Yep, just add it in.

The Dolphin core needs some love. One of the best, most popular and most active standalone emulators looks almost abandoned in RetroArch.

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Upstream doesn’t want it (and the developers show varying levels of hostility to the very idea of it) and nobody downstream wants to spend the time and effort keeping up with it when that’s the reception it gets.

That’s too bad to hear :frowning:

But it is open source you can create your own branche. The potential for dolphin core is huge. I like it meanwhile more than standalone.

I’ve had the best results by setting everything in Dolphin using the GUI from stand-alone, and then copying the files over to RetroArch. Doing this I was able to get Gamecube BIOS to load, for example. (Personally one of my most necessary features of any console emulator :smiley: )

It’s a ‘touch’ bothersome by comparison, but a small price to pay to get Games like Luigi’s Mansion and Skyward Sword running with all the benefits of RetroArch.

I do hope it sees some more love, but if nothing else changed, I’d still use it over stand-alone in it’s current state. Then again this is true of any emulator honestly.

Problem is that the core is still unusable in Windows 7.