Dolphin doesn't let RetroArch close

This seems to be an older issue so i updated everything today in hope it will get fixed. The issue still remains though.

When you close Dolphin, RetroArch remains open in the background. As a result, you can’t load any other system/game until you manually close it through the task manager.

Any chances this will ever get fixed?

This is the first I’ve heard of it and I don’t experience this issue. I’m able to close content and close RetroArch just fine after running dolphin-libretro.

I’m encountering a similar bug with Dolphin core. Despite being able to run multiple games/cores or closing retroarch without issues, every retroarch.exe process keeps being alive and eating ram memory, and this happens only if you previously played with a Dolphin game.

Example, i open retroarch and i run a game for Dolphin, then i press ESC to shutdown retroarch. If i repeat this action let’s say 10 times, my task manager will still report 10 retroarch.exe running processes of about 150-200mb each. Annoying.

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well that’s definitely not something we want :stuck_out_tongue:

We’ll look into it. Thanks for the reports.

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Any updates about this issue?

There has been some improvements on this problem but there are still occasional crashes or freezes when closing a content.

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I revisited Dolphin using RetroArch and it seems the issue still remains after all this time. Along with some other longstanding issue (no sensitivity options).

I hope this core isn’t abandoned? Because otherwise it works well enough.

I actually just switched over to dolphin_libretro from stand-alone. It’s closing ok on my end. If memory serves, you’re on a windows build too right? Is this happening when you close retroarch with any game running - like gc vs wii? or what about file format, like iso vs gcz? if you close content first and then exit RA does it still hang?

I’m just thinking variables for what might be catching.

I use RetroArch through other frontends like Launchbox. So when i exit a game i also exit RetroArch itself.

I’m using both Windows 7 and 10 (dual boot). I usually emulate on Windows 7 but today i tested Windows 10 as well.

Seems like only Windows 7 is affected by this issue. When i exit the game (and RetroArch with it) RetroArch.exe gets stuck in the task manager. And more instances of it add up as i load more games. But when i try to load a game from a different core, it doesn’t work until i manually kill all retroarch.exe instances from the task manager.

Also, even if i close the content and then close RetroArch, i still get retroarch.exe stuck in the task manager.

Windows 10 is fine, RetroArch closes normally, at least for the few minutes i tested.

I use gamecube ISOS.

Core still gets stuck when exiting in Windows 7. Any chance this will be fixed?