Dolphin doesn't let RetroArch close


This seems to be an older issue so i updated everything today in hope it will get fixed. The issue still remains though.

When you close Dolphin, RetroArch remains open in the background. As a result, you can’t load any other system/game until you manually close it through the task manager.

Any chances this will ever get fixed?


This is the first I’ve heard of it and I don’t experience this issue. I’m able to close content and close RetroArch just fine after running dolphin-libretro.


I’m encountering a similar bug with Dolphin core. Despite being able to run multiple games/cores or closing retroarch without issues, every retroarch.exe process keeps being alive and eating ram memory, and this happens only if you previously played with a Dolphin game.

Example, i open retroarch and i run a game for Dolphin, then i press ESC to shutdown retroarch. If i repeat this action let’s say 10 times, my task manager will still report 10 retroarch.exe running processes of about 150-200mb each. Annoying.


well that’s definitely not something we want :stuck_out_tongue:

We’ll look into it. Thanks for the reports.


Any updates about this issue?


There has been some improvements on this problem but there are still occasional crashes or freezes when closing a content.