Dolphin not working on 1.8.3 (stable, Win10)

Dolphin appears to have ceased working since I upgraded to latest (stable) version 1.8.3. (tried on 1.7.7 backup - works fine!). Windows 10, neither GameCube nor Wii titles start up.

Log console briefly gives this error before shutting down:

Exception code=0xc0000005 flags=0x0 at 0x00007FFE401D519A. Access violation - attempting to read data at address 0x00000000000230

Here’s the Retroarch start up log for when I tried to load Dolphin core and then New! Super Mario Bros. Wii

Can’t work out where the problem is. Dolphin standalone works just fine (<3 Dolphin) but when trying with RetroArch I get nuthin’.

Go to settings > core > allow cores to change the video driver OFF (if you don’t see settings > core submenu, go to settings > user interface > show advanced settings ON).

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Thank you @hunterk. It works now. I thought I’d tried that already after reading this post, but I must have not saved the configuration.

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I’ve searched forever for a fix. Thank you so much, it worked!!!

I’m fairly new to RetroArch so forgive me if I’m not familiar with some terms or things like that. I’ve had a similar error and I’ve tried everything suggested but it’s still crashing. I’ve been getting this error from the log console: Exception code=0xc0000005 flags=0x0 at 0x00007FFD72C68430. Access violation - attempting to read data at address 0x000000000000000C Dolphin on its own works great, but I can’t get it to work within RetroArch. Any help would be great! Thanks!

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Hello, same problem since the upgrade to RA 1.8.5. RA just crash with any Gamecube ROM. I try to uninstall / reinstalld dolphin without any change. Any suggestions ? Thanks !!

I’m getting the same error as @mike7883. I tried disabling allow cores to change the video driver but the error persists. Running RA 1.8.5 and latest dolphin core. I also made sure I installed the latest visual c++ runtime and directx from Microsoft.

Here is the log:

I updated RA to 1.8.5 version and Dolphin works fine (Win10, D3D11).

@ninjachamp It seems you’re using the gl1 driver, which it’s not working anymore for Dolphin. Try Vulkan or D3D11.

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Thank you, but I tried both and get the same error. I wonder if it is a driver issue.

I ended up completely blowing away the retroarch folder and donwloaded the latest nightly and dolphin can run games without issue.

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