Dolphin - Paper Mario TTYD - "Boat Flip Crash"

Pretty old story from what i’ve read: Game starts and looks fine, you arrive in the game’s first city, Roughport, the boat your arrived in drops you off and attempts to turn (while rendering the 3D model of the boat in 2D and flipping it) and… Retroarch crashes.

I read that is has been fixed in the standalone version of Dolphin? Is this just something that flat out doesn’t work via the Dolphin core at the moment, or is there a specific setting that enables the game to run?

System should be fine (CPU: XeonE3, GPU: GTX1080Ti, 16GB RAM), using Vulkan renderer. Any info appreciated ^^

yeah, I’ve heard of this problem, as well. Your easiest solution is probably to just do it in the standalone emu and then transfer your save over to RetroArch once you’ve passed that part.

Maybe an update if the core could help. Ishiiruka saw some improvements in the last weeks. Maybe this will solve some compatibility issues