Dolphin, PCSX2 and PPSSPP versions?

Does anyone know the standalone versions these cores represent?

PPSSPP must be a recent version since i saw some recent fixes as well. Is it up-to-date with the standalone?

Dolphin must be very old, judging from the graphics bugs is see. Or maybe it’s just core related bugs. But which version is it? Also, is there a github page for the core, specifically?

Yes, PPSSPP is up-to-date because it builds from the upstream repo.

Dolphin is indeed quite old at this point. The way to find out is go to the commit log and then go backwards until you stop seeing libretro commits and just see upstream ones. It’s a couple of years by now. And yes, the repo is


2 years? That’s disappointing. I guess standalone it is then.

Any info about PCSX2?

Thanks :slight_smile:

No change on it in quite some time. You can just look at the commit log there.

Thanks for the links.

If Dolphin is 2 years old it must be version 5.0.12XXX. Which is weird because the graphics bugs i’m getting in 1080 snowboarding (garbled shadows) don’t appear in versions around that time, in fact, i tested the game in a much older standalone version that’s 5+ years old and the graphics in this game are still displayed correctly.

So the core must also be broken on top of being old :crazy_face:

If your metric is “does 1080 snowboarding work?” then yes, core is broken.

i think the core is more or less a mixup or not comparable to any standalone version , it has really old bubs like you said but is has vulkan so its kinda strange , or since when had standalone vulkan ?.

still the core “works” for most game didn´t testet 1080 S …but i get rid of sunshines “pixel/square puddles” can boot up project M and also i got mega man 9/10 running saddly none other wiiware like castlevania rebirth ^^

and i must say i had less problems with paper mario ttyd with the core than with standalone fore some reason :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

But… yeah it´s a mess what i ended up with , cuz i added some newer dolphin standalone files to the system folder myself and changed some off the configs

still 007 Nightfire , NFSU 2 and other EA games have buggy videos an update would be nice anyways for so many reasons

No idea what version it’s based on, but’s really called an alpha for a reason. There’s the known problem that exit isn’t properly working, apparently the internal resolution can be scaled but it’s fixed to one (640x448), the A.i. service doesn’t work with it (RA’s screenshot feature isn’t working for me, despite being listed in the docs). Probably some other bugs.

pcsx2 completely gave up on my end worked before didn´t has the standalone now vulkan ? i think i wait till this is added to the core before messing again with it.