Dophin Core Crashes RetroArch on Shield TV When Loading Games

I just recently discovered RetroArch (1.81.) and have been playing with it on my 2017 Shield TV and wireless Xbox 360 controllers. I’ve got most of the older Nintendo cores working well, but I am having a hell of a time getting the Dolphin core working properly? Whenever I attempt to load a GameCube game with the Dolphin core, RetroArch crashes and exits without error. Loading a Wii game in RetroArch produces a blank white screen, but I am able to back out to the GUI and properly exit. I have already placed a copy of the Dolphin “Sys” folder in the RetroArch system directory as outlined here:

Any advice is appreciated.

GL+dolphin core is currently broken unless you go to settings > core and disable the option to “let cores change video driver”. I’m not sure if that will get you going, but it’s a good place to start

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