DOSBox Overlay (4K | FHD)






Integer Scale: OFF
Aspect Ratio: Custom
Custom Aspect Ratio X Pos.: 640 (4K) / 320 (FHD)
Custom Aspect Ratio Y Pos.: 120 (4K) / 60 (FHD)
Custom Aspect Ratio Width: 2560 (4K) / 1280 (FHD)
Custom Aspect Ratio Height: 1920 (4K) / 960 (FHD)
Integer Scale: Off


Overlay Opacity: 1.00
Overlay Scale: 1.00


zfast_crt + ewa_curvature

Shader Passes: 2

Shader #0: zfast_crt
Shader #0 Filter: Linear
Shader #0 Scale: 5x
Shader #1: ewa_curvature
Shader #1 Filter: Linear
Shader #1 Scale: Don't care

Shader Parameters

Scanline Darkness - Low: 9.00
Mask Effect Amount: 0.20
Mask/Scanline Fade: 0.30
Mask Style: -1.00 
EWA Curvature X-Axis: 0.03
EWA Curvature Y-Axis: 0.04


These are great! Been looking for an overlay like this to play my Dos games on Retroarch. Thank you!

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The DOSBox that has a CRT overlay is the one modded by Mattias Gustavsson.

I was looking for this kind of overlay too, but it didn’t exist. So I decided to make and share.


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Holy cow that’s brilliant! Thank you! How do you add more games to the menu? I wanna add Tomb Raider and more.

I never tried DOSBOX-CRT. I prefer how RetroArch works. More configurable/customizable.

That menu system is one I made for DOS back in 1995, but didn’t release it until I did the custom dosbox :stuck_out_tongue:

The way it works, is you edit the .dms file, and then you “compile” the .dms file into a .dmc file by running the dmc.exe file from inside the dosbox.

So you would be in the dosbox, current working directory C:\MENU and then type dmc menu.dms menu.dmc and if you then launch the menu again (by relaunching dosbox or by running MENU.BAT) your edits should show up.

And any problems, don’t hesitate to ask.

(btw, I think the menu system supports launching another .dmc file instead of a .bat/.exe, effectively supporting sub-menus)

Oh, and @Ifan, those overlays look great!


I added Doom, but seems like the cpu its not fast enought :laughing:

You can edit the dosbox.conf file to get a faster CPU - look under the [cpu] section

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September 21, 2020

– Overlay updated.