DOSBox-Pure - Inject data into core's C: drive

Hello everyone.

I set up a workstation with another DosBox and everything is going fine.

Now, is it there a way I can inject this C: drive inside DOSBox-Pure/RetroArch?

And later I’ll need to move my setup to another RetroArch (if everything goes fine, I’m going to get a 3DS XL this autumn, on which I’d like to run DosBox/RetroArch). Will it be possible?

Thanks in advance for any help. Have a nice day, regards. =)

Nevermind, I’ve made it messing with state saves

I don’t know what you mean. But if you look for the files that the game creates, I already answered you in the previous message, you get all the information at the official documentation and the developer’s own guide.

Yep, I saw the reply.

But I obtained my result, thanks anyhow.