Dosbox Pure - Writes to HDD image?

Hi. For some reason I can’t create a new topic, so I will use this topic here.

My question is about DosBox Pure. I have a HDD with Dos Games, and I want to keep this HDD clean. Now I tried a bit with DosBox Pure, played some games, tried to install some, etc. Did it change anything in my folders? Does the DoxBox core write into the folders, or will it only read?

I ask, because I have no reference about my game folders, so I need to know if DosBox as a core will write anything on my HDD.

Thank you!

EDIT: Thanks for moving and creating a thread for me!

Basically what I want to ask is, does Dosbox Pure write into the HDD where my game folders are located, or does it go somewhere into a RetroArch folder?