Dreamcast - Play Windows CE games?

Is there any method to emulate Windows CE Dreamcast games via RetroArch? Reicast isn’t working, and I was going to try ReDream, but my CHDs aren’t the right version - I thought about just grabbing a GDI of Resident Evil 2 and converting it with the ‘new’ CHD format… but with rompocalypse going on my usual sources are down and I figured I’d just check before putting in the effort.

I tried searching for this, but since “CE” isn’t a ‘long enough’ term for the search engine I couldn’t find much of anything with just “Windows Dreamcast” lol

Just Demul emulator supports Windows CE Dreamcast games but this emulator requires high end PC.

Reicast is having good progress and people involved with the project, so maybe in the future we will be surprised with the implementation to support this kind of games.

Redream not support Windows CE Dreamcast games.

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I love to play the Windows CE Dreamcast games like Cherry Blossom, Championship surfer etc. But recently I tried to install Armada CE Dreamcast game but I couldn’t able to install that. I also checked g-suite tech support to know about this issue. Is there any way I can get to install this game?

Yeah it’s a shame - i wanted to play RE2 also. You’ll have to use Demul or Makaron if you want to play CE games. (Use Demul).

I too want to play RE2 on dreamcast via a Rpi4b. Has there been any news on this or updates? What other titles are Windows CE games?