DS/3DS screen hotkeys?

Is there any way to switch to top screen or bottom screen and always stay fullscreen either way?

Or at least rotate through the available screen modes?

The only way to do this seems to be going into core options and switching it from there. Standalones can have a hotkey for this, could it be implemented in the cores as well?

Desmume has a screen swap hotkey mapped to one of the stick clicks or triggers by default. You can remap it in Quick Menu, Controls. MelonDS doesn’t have this yet (I requested it) and I don’t know about Citra.

The screen swap isn’t the same with what i’m talking about though. It just inverts the position of the screens.

Both cores (Desmume and Citra) have other screen options in the core options that remove the bottom screen completely so you can have the main screen fill your entire monitor.

Many games don’t really need the bottom screen all the time, just when you need to change something so it would be nice if you could make it appear or remove it with a hotkey instead of having two small screens all the time or having to go to the core options to manually change it every time. You can do this with the Citra standalone because it gives you the option to bind a hotkey to this function.

Isn’t setting it to top or bottom only mode and then using the swap button sufficient, then? Only one screen is displayed fullscreen in those modes, and the swap button works in them.

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You are right. I didn’t think of setting it to 1 screen only from the core options and then use the swap button. I’m kind on an idiot sometimes, lol.

Now if we could do something similar for 3DS…

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Well, with Citra 3DS stand alone you can switch screens instantly by pressing the space bar. Or you can set your own hotkeys for it.