DS Overlay for mobile (1080x2220, integer-scaling: On) - Upd 9-27-19

Hi all,

I edited the retropad flat overlay for use with DeSmuME on android for my Samsung S8+, so that it would no longer overlay the buttons onto the touchscreen area, and also added a background image to fill in the black area below the bottom screen. While I made it for my own use, I’m sharing it in case anyone else needs a DS overlay for use on a mobile phone with a similar resolution. Hopefully this will be helpful to someone else. The screenshot below utilizes the turquoise background, but several other colors are available in the zip.


Download link: RetroArch Mobile NDS ToGo Overlay (for Android, Integer-scaling: On, 1080x2220 resolution.)


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Updated to remove L2 R2 buttons and to change L1 and R1 to L and R, respectively. Use the link in the original post.

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Update - Complete redesign to give it a more ‘ds’ look instead of the older flat look replicated from retropad. The old design is still available, but has been moved to the nds-togo-flat folder while the new design now utilizes the nds-togo folder. Both versions are available in the original download link. Here’s a screenshot of the new style in dark turquoise. Many color variants are included.

Note that the show/hide interface button has been removed, and the quick menu is mapped to the onscreen power button. RetroArch Mobile NDS ToGo Overlays (Android, Integer-scaling is on, 1080x2220 resolution.)

Color variants: Black, blue, charcoal, dark pink (with white or black button inserts), dark yellow, green, lime, olive, orange (with white or black button inserts), pink, plum, purple, red, turquoise (with white or black button inserts), dark turquoise (pictured in screenshot), white and yellow.


Another update. Added microphone and close/open lid buttons. These are mapped to the default L3 (for the mic) and L2 (for the lid) mappings used for these functions in RetroArch Desmume. Also added an ice blue color variant, an NES styled “skin” and added a white button insert version of the pink overlay. As always, the latest version can be found at the original download link.

Note: When calling up the quick menu using the power button, I find it works best to hold your finger on the button for a second before releasing, otherwise it seems to jump through random quick menu options. This behavior was the same with the default retropad overlay, and is not specific to this overlay.

Ice Blue variant:

NES “Skin” variant:

Download: RetroArch mobile overlay - NDS ToGo (1080x2220, integer scaling: on)


Two new skin variants based on SNES and Super Famicom controllers, inspired by the 3DS special editions. Same download link as before, RetroArch mobile overlay - NDS ToGo (1080x2220, integer scaling: on)