Duimon - HSM Mega Bezel Graphics and Presets - Feedback and Updates

Shit!!! I was expecting the red version and this one is much better, it is excellent, incredible detail of the ports and buttons, I have never seen this version of the X1, I am impressed.

As always excellent work :+1: :+1: :raised_hands: :raised_hands: :wink:


Thank you! I gave up on the red X1 a long time ago in favor of this model. I’m glad you like it.

Here is another WIP.

I made an OCD pass. I did a lot of work on the Hu Card slot, tweaked the volume button a bit, lightened up some too bright highlights, tweaked the port shrouds so they matched, changed the shading on the carve-out for the power button, and some other stuff I forget. :innocent:

This graphic was quite troublesome to get started. I needed to Frankenstein together four images and a video snapshot to get a decent resolution template.

Crazy. :crazy_face:

Of course, a lot of the work on the ports was done way back when I did the X68000.


Crazy, but it was worth it, it turned out very well and has a lot of details.

I have looked for information and it turns out that it had a pc engine inside the cabinet, I thought it emulated it or something like that, I did not know this version of the system, very interesting, another option to use with a pc engine.

I thought about making a version with the red model but in the end I gave up, it doesn’t make sense, this version is perfect.

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To quote George Takei: “Oh myyy.”

That looks awesome!

I just started playing around with X1 games, so this is perfect timing.


Here’s a shot with the Sharp CZ-605D monitor.

I am going rework this monitor graphic. I think most of the curvature is an optical illusion due to camera perspective. The front of the monitor is convex (Or spherical to put it another way.) so with the wrong FOV the sides look curved. Most of the isometric shots of it show the side edge is perfectly flat.

I am going to square it up and bevel the edges a bit.


Congratulations to @TheNamec on the release of his Commodore Pack RC1! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Get this while it is hot!!! (Like he said. :upside_down_face:)

(Flawless execution and presentation can be expected. :grin:)


I used a Photoshop bulge modifier on this to test what it might look like without the curvature.

I like it! I will move forward on the redo.

While I am in there I will do an alternate version with gold text and an orange power button to match the X1.

I am also planning an alternate X1 with the game button pushed in, the Game LED on and the Timer LED off. (I may insert a Hu Card.)


Hey guys,

For the FM TOWNS, which core are you using ?

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It’s MAME - Current core version (0.232). No specific core dedicated for FM Towns unfortunately and you have to set up MAME to run FM Towns games.


Here is a WIP on the new Monitor design…

…and the Alt for the X1.

So far so good. I think it is almost done.

I did away with the grain I had been using. I am going to do away with the grain in the x68000 graphics also. The main reason is that my old method was VERY resource intensive, and I no longer like the way it looks. If I reintroduce grain I will use my new method.

I will probably go back and redo the grain for all my older graphics as well. While I am doing that to the ZX Spectrum I may add a full keyboard, since it turns out that I like how they look.


OK. Here is a shot of the monitor version for running PC Engine games.

The “Game” button is depressed, the Game LED is on and the Timer LED off. There is also a PC Engine Hu Card in the slot. :grin:

Now I need to complete the presets. While I am at it I will be reworking the X68000 presets, renaming some and adding monitor presets to the Standard and bezel presets to the Advanced, (To bring them in line with the other monitor presets.)

I am also going to do the some work on the X68000 graphics as I threatened, along with changing the grain I will be redoing some other bits with the improvements from this latest adventure.


If you are looking for feedback, I can’t say enough good things about RC1.

The well thought out organization is inspiring.

In fact it is exactly that. I will be adding in Basic and Basic with Reflection presets in my own distribution, and reorganizing my folders to reflect the base presets. Thank you so very much for setting the bar so high! :star_struck:


It would be awesome if someone would be able to make a core from the Tsugaru emulator for FM-Towns. It seems to run pretty good. I still haven’t tried MAME for FM-Towns emulation, though. http://ysflight.in.coocan.jp/FM/towns/Tsugaru/e.html

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There are a couple of problems with that emulator, it won’t let you put it in full screen and the game format is .BIN .CUE, not to mention that once you launch it you have to tell it where the roms are (not games, bios) system, you must also run the machine and then run the game.

For the rest, it is a good emulator although it is not at the level of the UNZ, maybe if it was updated more and solved some problems such as the resolution and the full screen if it would be worth making a core.

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Unlike UNZ this emulator is open source so could stand a chance at being integrated. I am certain most of the issues would go away shortly, if they would exist at all in core format. It’s possible RA would erase them.

There is nothing wrong with a core needing to mature after inclusion. Has anyone made an official request and received feedback?

Something like this usually requires some work on the upstream side. Maybe there is no interest. :worried:


Done :grin: Hoping someone can, and can also add/fix some of the items that @akuma22 mentioned.

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Hey all. I have committed to a small project for the EmulationStation Carbon theme.

It will be relatively easy work, and my brain could use the break. :innocent: I am going to try and sew it up with just a couple days of work.

@HyperspaceMadness I could use some instruction on doing a PR in GitHub. I am planning on seeing if i can get my work into the distribution.


Hey @Duimon, about making a PR, the easy way I’ve found to do this is the following, I thought I would drop it here for anyone interested:

  • Install Github desktop
  • Create a fork of the repo you want through Github (this could have been done before you installed Github desktop )
  • Create a branch
  • Make your changes and commit to the branch with a meaningful commit message
  • Open Github Desktop, and add your repo if it’s not already there
  • It should now ask you if you want to push your changes to your forked repo on github. Say yes and push it
  • It will now ask you if you want to make a PR for your branch. Say yes.
  • You should now go to Github and find your PR (in the master repo) and edit the text on it as the master repo’s guidelines for submissions.
  • After the PR is created, if you have to make any adjustments you should be able to just commit them to your branch then push this to your forked repo, this should update the PR automatically.

Just a little update.

I am almost finished with my little side project. It was a nice little break from the highly detailed stuff I do for the Mega Bezel, I hope you haven’t missed me too much in the last couple of days. :wink:

I still need to try and do a PR but that isn’t time sensitive.

I am going to do the work on the x68000 presets I mentioned, and get the X1 into the repo.

Heads up!!

!! I am planning on restructuring my repo !!

@TheNamec’s awesome RC1 example has inspired me to include BASIC and BASIC with Reflection presets in my distribution.

To facilitate this, the “Presets” folder will have Advanced, Standard, Basic, and Basic_Reflect sub folders. (I wont be separating CRT and LCD base presets, the LCD_ADV and LCD_STD will have to just get along with their CRT neighbors.)

This change will also make it relatively easy to add in custom folders in the future. For example I could include an HD folder or a second version of Guest etc. if and when @HyperspaceMadness decides to give us some more toys.

Paths will need to be updated in any references to my presets.

I think a restructure is preferable to just putting all the presets in the existing folders. It will make finding your preferred base a lot easier.

I will complete the work on the x68000 and X1 stuff first so if anyone wants to chime in with suggestions on the restructure, feel free. Keep in mind though that the restructure is going to happen, it is only the folder structure that is open for discussion. :wink:

I won’t be adding the new base presets right away but I think the sooner I get the restructure done, the better. I hope this doesn’t cause anyone too much pain and suffering.


It seems like a good idea to me, all those who only want the basics or who have very fair PCs can also enjoy all this.

For my part, mine will only have a STANDARD version after each one does what they want with them. :smile:

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OK I am done with the X1 and the updates to the x68000 series.

I dove deep into the x68000’s. A lot of the work was done to the source. I have been doing a lot more grouping and isolation in my recent graphics so I brought them both in line with my current methods.

I redid the floppy slots, tweaked the floppy disks, made all the port shrouds match, gave everything a 1px Gaussian blur. (One of my new favorite methods. It essentially changes what is obviously a vector illustration into a really high resolution raster image. This is one of the main reasons for increased group isolation, so I can blur the main group and the individual groups don’t have two effects applied to them. They can be multiplicative.)

I did a complete redo on the carve outs. (I think they stand up pretty well next to this raster image @HyperspaceMadness posted in private.)


I also moved them under the grain layer.

I did some work on where the top and bottom meet. (Mainly a drop shadow, but I also did some work on the port components.

As you can see I darkened up the crossbars etc. I also added some grain and some pretty heavy blur to simulate DOF.

In the end, after working on it for a bit, I decided to keep the original grain. Unlike some of the other systems, the x68000 weren’t actually rough textured, so this method looked better after all.

I added a drop shadow to the towers, and darkened up the internal shadows on the ports, after I took these shots. The drop shadow adds just the right amount of depth, especially in combination with the new crossbars.

Edit: I have replaced the above shots with new ones showing the final changes. :grin:

Since the Sharp monitor is now being shared by two systems I put the graphics in a separate folder, so this was a pretty big change to all the Sharp systems.

Tomorrow i will start work on the restructure, I’ll let you all know when I am done.


The work I did on the x68000 proves the value in my plan to go back and redo some of my earlier graphics, after I am done with everything. The tricks I used when creating the x68000 were pretty advanced, relative to my earliest graphics, and there was a definite benefit to redoing them. It will be interesting to see what I can do with my first few. I may jump ahead and give one a makeover, either the Playstation or Game Cube. :thinking: