Duimon - HSM Mega Bezel Graphics and Presets - Feedback and Updates

I went in and changed my MB to a Gigabyte and the CPU to a 5600G. I’ll have a fairly beefy backup PC. :grin:


You can’t go wrong with that combination! The 5600G sacrifices some of the cache of the 5600X so it might perform slightly worse in many instances but certainly ahead of the 3600 and it’s higher latency 2 chiplet design.

Gigabyte boards are my usual go to as far as high quality motherboards at reasonable prices go. I rate their quality right up there with Asus even though their accompanying software can sometimes be hit or miss. I also highly rate MSI in recent times. These are my two primary brand choices for motherboards and graphics cards. I also use AsRock boards for clients who are on a budget.

If I would hazard a guess, I’m guessing you got that combo for more or less the same as the Asus Mobo/Ryzen 5 3600 CPU combo?

In general I would expect the Ryzen 5 3600 to run circles around the i7-6700K. So it’s more like in most to all scenarios. With the 5600G it’s an even larger leap. Remember this isn’t Zen1 or Zen+ we’re talking about here. In both cases you’re talking about a quad core 8 thread CPU going up against 6 core 12 thread CPUs with higher IPC and comparable clock speeds.

Word of note though. Don’t be alarmed at higher temperatures than you’re used to depending on the cooler you’re using. This is because Ryzen is designed to utilize the thermal headroom available in order to maximize single threaded performance. It’s called PBO and it works automagically.

And lastly, there’s no benefit to running your RAM over 3600 - 3733 MHz as that’s the maximum stable speed of the CPU’s external bus. Anything higher and it’ll downclock the infinity fabric which will increase latency and lead to less than optimal performance.


I didn’t do a combo deal. I picked the MB because it has built-in Wifi which gave me an extra PCIe slot.

You are correct though, that it cost about the same. (Which was what I was hoping for.)

I also purchased two additional cases, one to house my old system while I do R&D on the new HTPC, and one for an i7 x58 upgrade for my lovely wife. (Since I have spare matching backup hardware for my current HTPC.)

Combined with the two server cases I recently bought, (And the time it will take to get them up to speed.) I should have plenty to keep me busy in the coming months. :grin:

It is a good thing that I already bought my lovely wife, (And myself. :innocent:) a new 6.5 quart mixer. I won’t have much in the budget for another Xmas gift.


A happy wife = A happy life, so be sure to spoil her first whenever you get the chance!


Duimon is it possible to make an hsm overlay with this tv, and maybe the speakers? if its too much to ask :blush:sony tv Sorry, forgot to say please :grin:

It´s the Sony PVM 2530 w59553156.1


Take a look at these:


That´s some nice alternatives Cyber but ive been in love with that sony model since the first time i saw it, maybe duimon can make it in vectors, maybe not


Not too much to ask at all. I will put it at the top of my PVM list.

Things are a bit focused on getting the next version of the shader released, and I have a side project I may be starting work on, so I can’t commit to getting it done soon.

I’ll squeeze it in somewhere though. Thanks for remembering how much I love requests! :grin:


Oh man, this is christmas in advance, thank you very much! BTW some High definition audio people in the 90´s used to put these sony speakers at the side of that same pvm, dont know why but together they look freaking cool, its the sony SSG7 bookshelf speaker


Maybe there is some confusion here. This video shows these speakers to be huge.

They are 37 inches tall. :grin: I am afraid they would dwarf the PVM.

The SS-G5 were 28 inches tall and almost identical, maybe they would work. I have yet to see a PVM graphic with large speakers along side. It might be cool to try. :innocent:


Man this is getting better and better, youre right maybe thats the model i saw on old posts of the #interweb# back then, maybe this model can be adapted to the pvm cube on an overlay? OMG, santa is coming to town :grin: Thanks a lot for your time my friend.

Maybe an angle like this will give some kind of depth?;i don´t know, you´re the expert. PD; Actually the image of your youtube post, has a nice angle of the speakers. The poor´s man .jpg attempt :upside_down_face:


Whatever I do I would want the scale of the speakers, and the PVM, to be correct. Maybe the PVM will have to be on a stand so it is the same height as the speakers.

We’ll see. It will be a bit before I can start on it anyway. :grin:

Whatever I do, I think it will be unique at least.


Just make sure the speakers don’t get too big…


I will only say, Panasonic Panacolor! OMG!..


That is some lovely stuff right there!


That´s what the dreams are made of.


If I did the whole cabinet, and fudged the center part so it was a perfect 16x9 for zooming in. :thinking:

Something to dream about doing after I get the rest of my list done. :grin:


giggles a lotttttt


I thought I might jump on the “State of the Mega Bezel PSA” bandwagon and let everyone know what I have been doing.

I am currently fine tuning all of my presets to work with the v1.0 release of the Mega Bezel. I have been spending a lot of time on them over the last few weeks, but waiting on bug fixes to complete them.

The bugs are pretty close to squashed! :partying_face:

This is a pretty exciting time in the Mega Bezel universe!

It is also quite an exciting time in mine. As @TheNamec mentioned in his thread, we have agreed to do custom overlays for the Batocera distribution.

I will be spending most of my time, after completing my presets, on the Batocera project.

Once I get all of my current graphics edited/converted I will be returning to my list and just adding the Batocera stuff into my existing workflow. I will also be releasing the Batocera decorations as alternate RA standard overlays, in my overlay repo.

There will eventually be a few systems that Batocera supports via stand-alone emulators, that RA does not support. If I can get them working in Rocketlauncher, I will release them as RL bezels.

Today I am working on a new set of custom bezels for my presets. In case i haven’t shown them here yet, here is a shot.

It uses the Decal and Device layer for the second bevel, so the height and width of both can be adjusted with a little effort. (Using scaling and X scaling.)

End of PSA. :crazy_face:


Let’s make them shine with some Mega Bezel experience! :exploding_head: :exploding_head: :exploding_head: