Duimon - HSM Mega Bezel Graphics and Presets - Feedback and Updates

I think I know what’s up. Any reference to an image in my “backgrounds” folder is probably still using the syntax.

I’ll take care of it when I get home.


Press either your gamepad “home” button or F1 on your keyboard, to pull up the GUI. You can adjust shader parameter in the “shaders” item under “quick menu”.

Once you are done, save a core, game, or content directory preset.

Or wait until I have a chance to fix it.

The issue is with hardware rendered cores, they tend to flip the output. My research during the final alpha showed that all but the PS2 cores had resolved the issue.

Are you using Vulkan or glcore?


That is a good question because it could simply be the Video Driver.

I think I was able to recreate the problem.

I don’t think the problem is the Video Driver. I used Vulkan and Glcore and they both were flipped. I than used ParaLLEI N64 and it wasn’t.

So in the end, the problem is the Core.

Edit: I should mention that the picture I posted earlier was using the ParaLLEI N64 core.

Edit 2: Brain dead me forgot that I was using Flycast Core for Dreamcast, but I do use ParaLLEI for my n64 games.


Retroarch freezes and crashes while using the mega bezel shader + mega bezel graphic presets when setting the resolution higher than 2x in the emulator core.

is there a limit to how high the resolution can be when using the shader? thank you in advance for any reply.

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@b00mbox You might refer to @HyperspaceMadness 's reply in the link below. The person right above him seemed to have a similar issue - if the core you are using is one of the PSX cores: CyberLab Mega Bezel Death To Pixels Shader Preset Pack


thank you for the reply

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@Duimon @hgoda Sorry guys got busy for a minute. Thanks for the help tho, you both pointed out to flip vertically so thats what i did to solve the issue. I did notice that both cores were using glcore. I cant get mupen to go vulkan at all…but the vertical flip did the trick.


In the past I was manually flipping the graphics for hardware rendered cores, then a core would be updated and I would have to flip it the other way. Then a core would be updated…

You get the idea. None of my graphics are flipped but the PS2 is set to flip the viewport. If it is upside down then a core update must have broken it.

I will put a note in the Readme about the parameter but I will no longer make any changes.

That’s what @HyperspaceMadness created the parameter for, you guys will just have to use it. :grin:


Turns out I had a typo in my [Custom-Bezel_002] presets, :/shaders// that caused my search & replace to fail.

All is well in the repo now.

Thanks for the bug reporting. :grin:


With the new Mega Bezel Update the closest I could get the screens aligned is change the following parameters:

[CRT Screen Scaling]
  Non-Integer Scale %: 86.29

[Position Offset]
  Position Y: 31.00

[Screen Black Edge]
  Global Corner Radius: 4
  Black Edge Thickness: 50

[Dual Screen]
  Viewport Split Offset: 18
  Position Offset Between Screens: -6
  2nd Screen Crop Left%: 10
  2nd Screen Crop Right%: 10

[Bezel General]
  Width: 160
  Height: 150

Also check out

[Bezel General]

This is about as close as I could get it to fit properly. This is all for the Vertical Shader of course. Some of the settings are from @HyperspaceMadness recommended changes; [Bezel General], 2nd Screen Crop, and [Screen Black Edge].

This post and the one from above are for the 3DS Potato Shader fixes. Here is the closest I could get to the Horizontal Orientation.

Just change the following:

[Core Res Sampling]
  Scanline Dir Multiplier: 150
  Opposite Dir Multiplier: 25

[Dual Screen]
  Viewport Split Offset: 183
  Position Offset Between Screens: -32
  2nd Screen Use Independent Scale: 1
  2nd Screen Scale Offset: 75.50
  2nd Screen Pos X: 119
  2nd Screen Pos Y: 178
  2nd Screen Crop Left%: 10
  2nd Screen Crop Right%: 10

Edit: Change Scanline Dir Multiplier from 50 to 150 and changed picture to reflect.

Edit 2: Forgot to add Viewport Split Offset.

Edit 3: Added 2nd Screen Crop

Edit 4: Added first sentence.

@Duimon I found a problem with 3DS-[STD]-[Guest]. The 2nd screen is too wide. I just changed 2nd Screen Scale Offset to 72.50.

Edit: The same goes for 3DS-[ADV]-[Guest].

Change Scanline Dir Multiplier back to 50.


The most recent shader update will force me to do an update to all my dual screens. I’ll fix this along the way.

This really depends on the internal resolution scale you are using. I’ll put a note in the readme.


I was placing that for the Potato shaders because I couldn’t edit the other posts.

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Yep. I will have some work to do across the board on the dual screens. I will get it done ASAP.

I may also need to modify the 2nd screen bezel on the potato graphics. It looks like the aspect is off just a bit. :upside_down_face:


It did seem that way when I was messing around with it.

I was able to find some overlays for Capcom Play System.


While looking I found something on Youtube that somebody made.

I love these so much :star_struck: I am stoked that the dreamcast now orange color added, finally all those USA game boots have a proper color scheme. I couldn’t find the red-orange dreamcast preset for japan in there tho. You guys thinking of attempting some of the obscure addons for some of the older platforms sometime in the future? Alot of the latest cores support them now.

Nintendo 64DD (N64), Satellaview (SNES), and the Famicom Disk System (NES). They are basically addon floppy drives that attached under the console, exclusive to Japan, i think? Keep seeing more and more of those roms being translated it would be cool to have a custom bezel for those.