Duimon - HSM Mega Bezel Graphics and Presets - Feedback and Updates

I figured this was most likely the way you was doing the Potato presets.

So the method is in experimentation mode and if all goes well, mind as well just use it from now on. Which ever way is the easiest on the creator because I have been there myself with web development.

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The main caveat is that the results are 72dpi instead of the 300dpi I have in my mission statement. That is acceptable for Potato presets and overlays, but not for the Mega Bezel graphics. It deserves more.

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Yeah I meant just for the overlays. The method definitely wouldn’t work for the customization of the STD and ADV shaders.


If you are interested in taking a look at my old method, the source for the old overlays is still in my source repo.


I know the first set were my custom settings but it’s you who actually showed me Google’s recommended settings if I recall correctly which one can use to avoid reencoding.


Infact, I was referring to these custom ones. Using the standard YouTube profiles will end up in some pixel crushing even at highest bitrate, we operate in a very difficult context because of the micro-details from loving shadow masks!


I was toying around with the Virtual Boy potato, trying to get a good look from one of the potato base presets, and stumble across an EASYMODE setting that I liked. I liked it so much I tried it on the 3DS.

It uses mask 3 at minimum size, with no scanlines. The mask also doesn’t change with internal resolution. Here it is at 10x.


The new Potato presets have been added to the repo.

There are a few things that don’t look like they are intended to.

  • The vignette is dark. (For some reason it is being applied twice)

  • The backgrounds aren’t over the screen in the Palm, and Vectrex.

Everything is playable though. :grin:

I have kept my intended settings so when the bugs are squashed I shouldn’t have to change anything.

Now that they are out of the way I can get back to my FM7 graphic. :partying_face:


Speaking of the FM7. Here’s another WIP.

It’s starting to come alive! :grin:\

Just before I posted this I realized I have been posting the 8000x4500 Illustrator output. :astonished:


I like the Perspective on the top bit :star_struck:


One last WIP before I retire for the evening.

We have LEDs!!

It is really starting to take shape. I have the power switch to do and then it’s time to get to work on the key text and symbols. (The Fujitsu logo and the groove/channel between the function keys and the rest of the keyboard are also missing.)


A little customization I thought of doing to get the logo where it is on the console. I am customizing other console logos as well, trying to put my little touch on it.

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While this is cool and all… the logo will be hidden by the bezel.

I take many liberties, some greater than others, to make the graphic something that enhances the bezel.

The Mega Bezel (And it’s reflection bezel.) play the lead role, my graphics are just supporting characters. :grin:

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I understand that, it is just personal taste.

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If you use my preset settings, and have a 21:9 ratio monitor…

…the logo would be visible. So… not a bad thing at all. :grin:

Although realism goes out the window when you see that the LED isn’t centered. :wink:


This would be an idea, but would definitely take a whole separate graphic to deal with the logo and light. I definitely don’t have a 21:9 monitor.

Edit: The logo can be barely seen.

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Here is the morning WIP.

I added the Fujitsu logo, the center groove, the power switch plate etc, and did some fine surgery on the vents to add some highlights.

I just need to add the actual power switch (And remember to turn it on.) and I am ready to tackle the key text. :grin:


Excellent work @Duimon! You make things come alive and make old things seem new again!


Sometimes the seemingly simple things can actually be the toughest to do.

The rocker switch was one of the hardest elements so far. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I am extremely happy with this. I will start on the final details tomorrow. :grin:


Here is the Final FM-7! :partying_face:

I can normally use a library of Kanji for japanese keyboards but Fujitsu decided to use Katakana instead of Kanji… I had to hand draw them all. :frowning_face: My apologies to the Japanese readers for my ineptitude. :wink:

I’ll get this and the Jakks Plug-n-Play in the repo ASAP.

Adding new graphics isn’t as quick as it once was (With all the presets.) so it won’t be tonight.