Duimon - HSM Mega Bezel Graphics and Presets - Feedback and Updates

Hi, thank you for the hint. This works for me)


Good to know that, but, about the upcoming release, is it possible to give it more control inside the menu (like the screenshot below), anything like this or does it involve modifying RA itself?

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@HyperspaceMadness is the code master but from what he has told me, it takes an awful lot of jumping around and editing to put anything like a simple on/off switch in the RA interface.

A lot of the parameters have multiple settings that you have control over. Exactly what kind of control are you looking for? There is a mile long list of parameters in the parameters dialog, only the images require manual editing of the *.slangp.

HSM and I have talked about multi-page parameter lists, to shorten the list, but I don’t think a solution has been found yet. With HSM’s stubborn and generous nature, all things are possible, given enough time. :grin:

The cool thing about doing things inside the shader is that you can see, in real time, the effect it has. Changes to things like scaling, blending mode, and layer depth, can all be seen while you are making the changes.

Alternatively, when you are using an overlay and want to adjust the view port size, the overlay disappears when you call up the RA UI. (Since the overlay and the menu are both “On Screen Overlays”.)


hi @Duimon, i know you focus on console side but i was wondering if you have a bezel WIP about C64 and vice core ?? i’ve seen some bezel about ZX Spectrum. Of course, it’s just a question, not a formely demand :wink:

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I have plans to do C64, C128 and VIC20 eventually. I moved them to the bottom of my list because @TheNamec was working on some very impressive graphics. I am hoping he will make them available to the community. :wink:

I would be happy to host them in one of my repos if it comes to pass. :grin:


I have a full VIC20, C64 and Amiga “HSM Commodore Pack” with some cool variations ready to go!

I’m just waiting for the new RetroArch release to the public as I used new advanced shaders features developed by the almighty @HyperspaceMadness. I hope it to be out soon so I can deliver my bezels to fellows Commodore gamers :man_mechanic:

Update: check it out on TheNamec - Mega Bezel COMMODORE Pack - Announcement


Hey everyone!!

I have a couple of side projects that I have been working on. Namely an ODROID XU4 running Batocera.

I have all my RA overlays installed, but I am a little disappointed with the bezel. It has always seemed too reflective, and the colored ones, too saturated.

While I was assisting @HyperspaceMadness with the frame gradient, I did some work on my original bezel, allowing me to export it as a layered PSD that I have a lot of control over. In the end it will be much easier for everyone to work with the source.

Here are some screens for a little feedback…

SNES old.

SNES new.

Genesis old.

Genesis new.

2600 old.

2600 new.

I am also working on an OGST case theme. Here’s the SNES graphic.


I also plan on doing an EmulationStation theme that mimics my favorite Kodi theme, Aeon MQ7. (Of course I need to learn how first. :innocent:)

Fun stuff! :partying_face:


Doh! Now that I look at them, my corner highlights are inside out. :astonished:

I’ll have to change that. :grin:



There have been 300 unique IP clicks on my GitHub link. :partying_face:

I hope everyone who clicked is using them and happy. :grin:


Here’s a new WIP!

SEGA Naomi!

I moved the giant top lights off screen to help maximize screen real-estate. (It was also VERY distracting! :frowning_face:) You could squeeze out a bit more by scaling.


Thank you!! I was thinking about to do something similar, but you killed it.


Thank you. I am working off the result of a 3D rendering I have. Now that I look at the pics of some real cabinets, I can see that the model was flawed. :frowning_face:

In the end I think I made it harder on myself and should have worked from photos.

Expect a few changes during my OCD pass. :innocent:


After an OCD pass.

Much has changed, it resembles a factory cab pretty well now. :grin:

I didn’t like how it looked when I left it as white as the real thing. :frowning_face: I may do a highly saturated version as an Alternate for the next release of the shader, so users can do an HSV adjustment and make the body any color they want. :grin:


That vector cabinet looks awesome, great work.

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A vertical version im pretty sure will kick ass :grin:

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It’s a “Universal Cabinet”. I’m pretty sure they just installed a vertical monitor in the same setup. So you can rotate to your heart’s content.



Here’s a colored Naomi.

Don’t let the bright yellow deter you! (Although I will probably change it to a bit more Amber. :wink:)

Here’s the point…

We can change the color using parameters! :grin:


How can I create a copy without changing my original shader?

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There is rudimentary guide on my GitHub. Essentially you have to manually edit the *.slangp and add the new graphic as a background. Then make position and/or bezel color adjustments etc. in the shader parameters.

I am holding off doing any updates until the new shader is released, so I don’t have to do everything all over again.

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I’m having an evolution around here

But night mode is something I tried and I couldn’t

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