Duimon - HSM Mega Bezel Graphics and Presets - Feedback and Updates

I thought I might jump on the “State of the Mega Bezel PSA” bandwagon and let everyone know what I have been doing.

I am currently fine tuning all of my presets to work with the v1.0 release of the Mega Bezel. I have been spending a lot of time on them over the last few weeks, but waiting on bug fixes to complete them.

The bugs are pretty close to squashed! :partying_face:

This is a pretty exciting time in the Mega Bezel universe!

It is also quite an exciting time in mine. As @TheNamec mentioned in his thread, we have agreed to do custom overlays for the Batocera distribution.

I will be spending most of my time, after completing my presets, on the Batocera project.

Once I get all of my current graphics edited/converted I will be returning to my list and just adding the Batocera stuff into my existing workflow. I will also be releasing the Batocera decorations as alternate RA standard overlays, in my overlay repo.

There will eventually be a few systems that Batocera supports via stand-alone emulators, that RA does not support. If I can get them working in Rocketlauncher, I will release them as RL bezels.

Today I am working on a new set of custom bezels for my presets. In case i haven’t shown them here yet, here is a shot.

It uses the Decal and Device layer for the second bevel, so the height and width of both can be adjusted with a little effort. (Using scaling and X scaling.)

End of PSA. :crazy_face:


Let’s make them shine with some Mega Bezel experience! :exploding_head: :exploding_head: :exploding_head:


I’m having an issue applying any presets after a recent switch to Linux:

OS PopOS 21.04 (Ubuntu)

RA Version 1.9.14

Video Driver Vulkan

Installation Paths Mega_Bezel_Community = /shaders/Mega_Bezel_Community (GIT CLone) | HSM = /shaders/shaders_slang/bezel/Mega_Bezel

I’ve also followed the guides for RA configuration (videos settings, integer, presets, etc). HSM’s presets will load fine, along with any of the stock slang shaders. Duimon’s will not.

Verbose log:

[WARN] [Shaders]:  Could not read shader preset in #reference line: /usr/games/shaders/shaders_slang/bezel/Mega_Bezel/Presets/Base_CRT_Presets/MBZ__4__BASIC__GDV.slangp
[ERROR] [Vulkan]: Failed to create preset: "/home/nadonate/.config/retroarch/shaders/Mega_Bezel_Community/Duimon-Mega-Bezel/Presets/Basic/Nintendo_NES/NES_Alt-[Night].slangp".
[ERROR] [Vulkan]: Failed to create filter chain: "/home/nadonate/.config/retroarch/shaders/Mega_Bezel_Community/Duimon-Mega-Bezel/Presets/Basic/Nintendo_NES/NES_Alt-[Night].slangp". Falling back to stock.

RA config path is ~/.config/retroarch, all directory settings default.

Any suggestions?


Thanks for all the info this helps identify the problem :smiley:

The issue is a problem using the :/shaders path convention on some setups. If you have your shaders folder mapped to a location different than default then remapping it to default might help.

If that’s not the case, then the paths in the presets should be changed to relative paths, E.G. ../../../shaders_slang/bezel/blah/blah

I think @Duimon will be changing these to relative paths for the next release…


Thanks for the fast response!

Here is the NES preset:

#reference ":/shaders/shaders_slang/bezel/Mega_Bezel/Presets/Base_CRT_Presets/MBZ__2__STD__GDV.slangp"
HSM_BZL_NOISE = "10.000000"
HSM_FRM_SHADOW_WIDTH = "50.000000"
HSM_LED_OPACITY = "0.000000"
IntroImage = "../../../Graphics/_Backgrounds/Duimon_OSD.png"
BackgroundImage = "../../../Graphics/Nintendo_NES/NES.png"
DecalImage = "../../../Graphics/Nintendo_NES/NES_Decal.png"

Which path needs to be changed? (these look relative to me)

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Nevermind… I got it.

I’m just unfamilier with the structure. I was ignoring to top line because I thought it was commented out with ‘#’ :grin:

Great work as always, happy holidays!


Yes I will, though this will force the user to install to a specific folder depth, within the shaders folder. (If not in the Mega_Bezel_Community folder, a folder at the same depth.)

Cross-platform compatibility is worth the growing pains. :grin:


Yeah, I should be able to get to adding the shader folder token in the slangp format like you mentioned and I think this should solve it in the best way


It is nice to be back! :partying_face:

I have been working on my Batocera decorations. I have all the CRT systems complete in four flavors… Curvature, Curvature Night, Non-curvature, and Non-curvature night, except for the ZX Spectrum.

Until today!

I have been putting it off until last because I wanted to do a redesign and bring it up to the style and standard of my latest keyboard type systems.

So without further ado…

Old ZX Spectrum…

New ZX Spectrum.

Besides the source structure having undergone a complete overhaul… for the keys I used some of the more advanced techniques I have learned since I did the original.

I am happy! :grin:

Honestly… It has been so many weeks since I did a new graphic I was a little afraid I had forgotten how. :innocent:


Maybe it’s just me but it seem a lot of work have been done on the shadows too (buttons) :sunglasses:


Yeah all the Keys have been done over from scratch. They are far closer to the real thing than my first version.

For those that haven’t been following along from the very beginning… I did this as a request way back when. I had done about 30 console systems and I had yet to do a keyboard type system. (This was my first.) I was in a console frame of mind and decided the one thing I did not want to do was slap a keyboard on the screen and call it done. (It felt like taking the easy way out.)

Since my DOSBox and PSP graphic, I have been really striving for photo realism. (At least as much as you can get in vector.) For that you need to slap a keyboard on the screen. (Turns out it’s not easy. :grin:)

I think some of my best graphics are some of the keyboard-ish one’s. This is much more what I would do today, had I never done the request.


Hi @Duimon. Wanted to ask do you have any plans on adding Sega Genesis model 2 backgrounds to your preset?


It’s not on my list. The Genesis, x32, and SegaCD were a very time consuming labor of love. I have already added Megadrive alternates by request, and versions with all three combined. That gives us 8 graphics for the set. I don’t plan on adding more. :frowning_face:

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@Duimon would you update git with the new graphics?


It will be updated ASAP after the next shader release. I have a small bit of fine tuning to do on some Decal layer parameters.


RC1 of the shader is in the wild!!!

I have a couple of search and replaces to do concerning the Decal scaling and the screen curvature. It should be relatively easy once I have the time. :grin:

Look for it around 5 - 6pm (GMT-6) CST. I will post when my repos are updated.


Hello from Paris ; Huge thanks for your great work for the community ! your bezels changed the way I enjoy my cab. MegaBezel shaders V1 just released :slight_smile:



The “Duimon_Mega_Bezel” repo is updated with the new presets and any graphics that I have done recently.

New graphics include the Commodore DM602-00E Monitor for the C64C…

and the Olivetti M21 amber monochrome suitcase PC…

along with an Olivetti_M24 color monitor.

I have created two custom bezels. The first is meant to emulate one of my favorite classic community overlay bezels.

The second is a double beveled bezel.

With a little crafty parameter tweaking of both the Device Layer and the Decal layer, (Scale and X Scale) the height and width of both the second bezel and frame can be customized.

A few noteworthy new requirements.

  • There have been a lot of parameter and image layer name changes so the RC1 of the Mega Bezel is required.

  • To provide Linux compatibility, the paths are now ALL relative.

    This means the the “Duimon_Mega_Bezel” folder MUST be in the root shaders folder, within the Mega_Bezel_Community folder. (i.e. \shaders\Mega_Bezel_Community\Duimon-Mega-Bezel)

    Hopefully @HyperspaceMadness can manage to eliminate this requirement but it will require some coding changes in RA so won’t be happening real soon. :grin:

    For the same reasons my Vectrex game overrides have been eliminated in favor of standard presets using the ROM name. (i.e… 2D Narrow Escape (Hombrew).slangp) You will have to create game presets manually one game at a time. Thank heavens there are only 36 games. :innocent:

A couple noteworthy issues.

  • The PDP1 Spacewar! MAME Software List preset is broken right now but it is fixable with parameters. (I will be working on that.)

  • The Potato Dual Screen systems are not working ATM. (This is a shader bug so please be patient.)

Expect a few preset bugs as usual, please let me know and I will fix them ASAP. :innocent:

I will also be doing some more maintenance on them so you can expect some changes. Mostly to graphics but a few parameter tweaks as well. (I plan on replacing my vector cloned bezel in the Potato presets with one generated by the shader, for a truly authentic Mega Bezel experience.

That’s all for now. Enjoy all the new fun toys! :partying_face:



Congrats! This is an amazing release! The project is getting greater with every each release! :heart_eyes: :partying_face:

I’m now started to migrate to the latest release along with the latest stunning HSM Reflection Shader update from @HyperspaceMadness :metal: :sunglasses: :metal:

Now I want to report my first finding :grin:;

Potato vertical preset for N3DS :point_down:

Potato horizontal preset for N3DS :point_down:

Not only bottom screen being off centered but I also noticed some transparency towards to the screen corners. It is pretty noticable especially on vertical preset.


It seems like SEGACD_Alt-[STD]-[TM20]-[Night].slang has SegaCD Genesis graphic instead of MegaDrive. The other ‘SegaCD_Alt [STD]’ presets however are set up correctly.

This is the SegaCD-Megadrive-TM20-STD preset :point_down:

And this is the SegaCD-Megadrive-TM20-STD-Night preset which has SegaCD Genesis graphic :point_down: