Duimon - HSM Mega Bezel Graphics and Presets - Feedback and Updates

I was able to find some overlays for Capcom Play System.


While looking I found something on Youtube that somebody made.

I love these so much :star_struck: I am stoked that the dreamcast now orange color added, finally all those USA game boots have a proper color scheme. I couldn’t find the red-orange dreamcast preset for japan in there tho. You guys thinking of attempting some of the obscure addons for some of the older platforms sometime in the future? Alot of the latest cores support them now.

Nintendo 64DD (N64), Satellaview (SNES), and the Famicom Disk System (NES). They are basically addon floppy drives that attached under the console, exclusive to Japan, i think? Keep seeing more and more of those roms being translated it would be cool to have a custom bezel for those.


All Capcom Play System from this youtube video come from here :


Credits : Design of this bezels is from @Kam3leoN



I found a working download link for them, but it would take some editing to get it close.

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I’m not sure what your point is???

I have created a Vertical version of the Atari Lynx II.

Turns out there were 4 or 5 games that used a vertical orientation, at least 1 was rotated 270 degrees.

There are presets for both rotations in the repo.


I was seeing about creating a shader myself like the image I posted before for Capcom Play System I, II, and III. I just left the link of bezels there for anybody else who was interested in them.

If I can get it to look good than I will post some pictures of it.

You have to appreciate and remember that this thread is @Duimon’s Feedback and update thread for his project and original graphics. It’s not hard to create a new topic if you also have something unique which you would like to share with the community.


I understand that I was mainly throwing an idea out there. When I am done with it, I will be opening a separate topic.


Hi, I made these Overlays, I didn’t make these arts. But I found these overlays and started editing to make these. Capcon, Sega, Konami and others. But my abilities to draw or create like Duimon are horrible.


I can understand that. I was looking for an image so I could make some Capcom Play System shaders, since no body has made any.

@Duimon I found another problem. The Arcade-[STD]-[Guest] shader won’t load because the Arcade in the file links are all capped. ARCADE/ARCADE_Horizontal. It might be a problem only with Linux users.


Yeah that’s weird. Only in that one out of the three presets. I must have had CAPS LOCK on. :rofl:

STD and ADV fixed and updated. Thanks!


Naomi_Vertical-[STD]-[Guest] including the Night version frames are seem to be going a bit off limit. Top part is more obvious. The two non-vertical presets are okay.

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That is because you are using a horizontal game with a vertical preset, (In the Naomi, I have both a vertical and horizontal Device Layer graphic in case people want to use it for MAME.) otherwise the device layer wouldn’t show in this case.

Thanks for forcing me to take a look though, keep the bug reports flying in. :grin:


After some thought, I went in and forced horizontal and vertical orientation and removed the alternate layer images. The vertical orientation using the horizontal preset produced a too small screen. (The vertical is using a larger scale.)

The only way around this would be the addition of a “vertical non-integer %” and “vertical integer offset.” (The integer offset would probably not work anyway since the scale jumps too much.)


@Duimon what would you think of setting Int Scale Multiple Offset for CRT SCREEN SCALING to -2 instead -3. For the Atari Lynx Vertical Shader

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You can do so if you wish, and save a preset. You could also set it to 0.00.

I won’t be changing anything though. (Any change pushes the LED off screen, and I like LEDs.)


That is weird because mine looks different. That is why I was asking.

Edit: I saw that your picture was just set to 0. But this is how mine does look and you could tell me if that is the way it’s supposed to.

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