Easy Updating: Please

RetroArch is great at almost everything. One of those things NOT included in my opinion is updating. I would much prefer it if you could just download any new versions of RetroArch through the Online Updater on platforms where it would be possible (if there are any platforms where it would not).

Just use the Buildbot to get Updates

But it would be easier to get a button within retroarch to update libretro and the frontend. this update button should replace all changed files, add new required files and delete old outdated not required files.

Would be easier than always download the latest build and manually set up retroarch

i would like to request more cores(emulators) to be added on retroarch -yuzu(switch emulator) -ryujinx(switch emulator) -rpcs3(ps3 emulator) -xenia and xemu(both xbox classic and 360 emulators) -pcx4(ps4 emulator) -cemu(wii u emulator) -hyperspin(emulator frontend) -emulation station(emulator frontend)