Enabling a Mouse

OK, cabinet build, Odroid XU4 and other hardware installed. Using the Lakka image with an Ultimarc iPac2 for joystick / buttons and a GGG TurboTwist Hi-Low spinner.

The spinner doesn’t work. I plug it into another PC, and it moves across the x-axis and clicks like it’s supposed to.

further research reveals I have to enable the mouse for the spinner to be available.

I see the option in MAME, but I don’t see anything for Retroarch / libreretro / Lakka on how to enable the mouse.

Very few pieces of documentation have been found, and so far none have been useful.

How do I get the system to use the mouse?

I think MAME-154/git has it hooked up, maybe enabled via core option…?

I’m not sure what any of that means.

I did update to the last Lakka image last night. But I don’t see cores called MAME-154. I do see one called MAME and it displays on the GUI as “1.3.4 - MAME Git”. is that what you’re talking about?

And how do I get to the core options you’re talking about?

that might be the right now, not sure. To get to the core options, you need to load some content and then go back into the menu (the quick menu, which has shader options, etc) and look for ‘options’

Ok, found the options, and I found the item that says “enable in-game mouse”. I go back to the game (Arkanoid, in this case) and bring up the MAME menu. I go down to Analog X-Axis, (defaults to Joy1 LX) and try to change it, moving the spinner does have any effect. I’m expecting it to change to Mouse X. I know the spinner hardware in functional as it moves the mouse pointer when I boot to another XU4 image (using Kodi / XBMC).

I see a mouse pointer in the upper left corner of the screen on the Lakka GUI, but it doesn’t move when I use the spinner. I guess I need to figure out how to enable it at the OS level. Is that Retroarch ?

Side note, i’ve never run emulators before, so i guess I need to learn how this all stacks on top of each other. OS -> Library -> GUI -> Emulator -> Game? (Retroarch -> Libreretro -> Lakka -> MAME -> Arkanoid?)

Hmm. Dunno why your mouse/spinner doesn’t want to cooperate :confused:

The way it shakes out is: OS = Lakka (a fork of the minimal Linux distro, OpenElec), which boots into RetroArch. RetroArch is a frontend for the libretro API, which sits in between other programs’ internal APIs and presents a universal API for frontends (e.g., RetroArch). Those programs then run the content (in this case, Arkanoid).

Did you try restarting RetroArch after enabling that option? It should turn on the mouse by default for Dial Analog without you having to set anything in the MAME menu. At least it does in my git core from last year. I looked in my general player 1 controls in the MAME menu and the Dial Analog was set to Mouse X or Joy1 LX in white text, signifying it was the default.

Edit: I should mention this is on Windows, so driver stuff in Lakka could make the mouse not work easily for all I know…

Ah, the restart fixed it. I can now get the Mouse X axis to show and get X+ and X- for INC and DEC. Now to fix the Push-Pull for Discs of Tron. I assume Mouse B1 is a left click, and B2 would be the right? I can get a B1 to register, but nothing for B2. They are off the same harness, so if one registers, they both should. I double-check to confirm, but is there anything special I need to perform a right-click ?

I think left click is the only mouse button you can use in the MAME core, since I’ve never gotten right click or middle click to work either.